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Before I Wake, by Robert J. Wiersema

In a single moment of distraction…

‘Sometimes we can only watch, mute witnesses as our lives change in a moment, in a heartbeat, in the time it takes a three-year-old girl to take a single step from our side.’

Robert J. Wiersema sets the scene of his debut novel and within the first chapter I’m hooked. A well known reviewer and journalist, Robert J. Wiersema, in my eyes, has now conquered the literary field with ‘Before I Wake’.
Every parent’s worst nightmare occurs when Sherry, the Barrett’s only child, takes a fatal step in front of a truck. This terrible accident sets off a chain reaction of events that shape the rest of the characters lives forever and asks the reader to question their own faith and belief in ‘miracles’.
Wiersema seamlessly pulls together the shifting emotions of each character, changing flawlessly from a guilty husband with decisions to make, to a grieving wife, unexpected evil and a soul seeking redemption. He ties in the domestic with the supernatural, leaving us thinking that human strength and conviction is almost a miracle in itself, exploring the power of forgiveness and the weight of guilt
A tragic background story for what ends up an inspiring journey for both the characters and reader. I found this novel spellbinding, the story is touching and mysterious, the characters easy to empathize with and the writing is intimate and captivating.
A definite page-turner and tearjerker. By Dorothy Raffo, BookBuffet Reviewer

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