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Its Easy to Register!


Whether you're an individual or already in a group, start off by registering yourself and invite others to join your group when ready.

(Even if you are only registering yourself - we'll refer to it as a "group" of one.)


Here's How It Works:

You'll need a name for your book group (can be changed), your email address and the addresses of your group members. (If just registering yourself - you still need to pick a name, such as "Susan's Book Pages.")

Select your group type (Living Room, Library, Corporate or School).

  1. Fill in your personal information. As the founding member, you will be the administrator for your book "group." (This can be rotated to a different member at any time.)
  2. Invite your other group members to join. If you are looking for members, try using our Match Feature to find a match.  If you don't want anyone to join you - just skip this step until you're ready.
  3. You're finished when you've sent the BookBuffet email invitations to everyone on your group list.

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