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OK.  You've decided to take the plunge!  Here are some pointers for hooking-up with that just right person or group.

Do you want to meet on-line or locally? 

These are two different animals. The first allows you to search anywhere—you don't even have to get out of your Juicy sweats or clean the house! The second means you need to decide how wide to cast the net, and prepare for close encounters of the intellectual kind. Take advantage of the photo upload feature! (coming soon)

What sort of books do you enjoy?

Do you prefer modern fiction, what ever is hot on the New York Times best sellers list?  Or are you a mad Sci-Fi freak?  Let them know by listing some of your favorite reads.

Does your reading preference reflect the kinds of books you want to discuss?

Now you remember!  You're really looking for more challenging reads and have always needed that extra push. 

Make sure you describe the kind of books you feel you deserve to be discussing, instead of whatever got thrown around the office water cooler as a page-turner, but turned out to be a dud.

Check out our LINKS & RESOURCES feature and browse over 400 sites that are bound to lead you to interesting books and stimulate great discussions.

Know what you like?  Then flaunt those titles!  Floss your favorite quotes! Let them know you have a lot to offer!

Every group needs a literary spark.  That person who charges bravely into the stacks.  If you're that person, chances are you'll attract people of the same ilk; especially if you let them know you're looking for strong minded and opinionated people who are not shy about speaking up. Just remember to take a breath in between soliliquies.

Education level can be an interesting factor.

If you have a comparitive literature degree and you don't want to struggle with people only now discovering the classics, or you've always felt that  despite your other amazing accomplishments and attributes your reading level has lagged behind—be sure to state clearly whether education level is going to make a difference.

Single? Married? Parent looking for an outlet to stimulate the synapes you used before having those kids?

Life experience is important.  If you are looking for people in roughly the same social scene as you: single, raging hormones and ready to read Lolita; or married, raging hormones and ready to read Lolita; or retired, just popped "Le Weekend Pill" and ready to read Lolita—be sure to lay down these, ah, hints. 

But you're probably like the rest of us; wanting a nice mix of people to discuss interesting reads and form lasting friendships and garner insights into books and life from the experience. 

Daytime? Night time? Once a month or once a week?

So just when are you going to find time to make this commitment?  If you work all day, well that's a no brainer—unless you plan to discuss books over lunch at the office (studies show reading for pleasure increase attributes of language and relational thought processes that increase personal enrichment as well as office socialization; be sure to sign-up your office for an Office Book Group! Get the boss/corporation to sponsor your own professional Moderator.  Find a Moderator on BookBuffet today) 

Otherwise you must be looking to start this group in your spare time, and believe me, you may not realize you had any of that, until miraculously 5 years have 'suddenly passed', and you and your group haven't missed a single monthly meeting. It's true! 

So what are you waiting for? 

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