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A dedicated bulletin board is automatically set up for your group's use when you register. It appears as the "Your Group Name Forum" link on this page. This is a great place to "discuss" books between meetings. It's also a convenient way to select books rather than sending
e-mails back and forth, and to share research notes or recommended websites to review before your meeting.


You also have access to the BOOKBUFFET GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM available to all members. Post a message here to get insights from other book groups or even to find a new book group.


The third bulletin board is our monthly MODERATOR-LED FORUM. Each month a book group facilitator leads a discussion of a specific book that is announced on our home page. The previous month's forum remains active just in case you missed it.


To Post a Message

To post a new message that is not in response to any existing messages, click ADD THREAD and fill in the field with a topic title. On the next page, click ADD MESSAGE to write your message. Only you can edit this message, but anyone can reply to it.


To see all the topics on the bulletin board, click on THREAD LIST. To return to the main page and see all three forums, click on FORUM LIST.

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