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About Bookbuffet
jun. 2004



This July 4th!

Los Angeles, CA (June 26th, 2004) The success of online dating has become a phenomenon.  "Dating" was searched 4,300,740 times last month on—mulitply that by fifteen and you've got the number of people who searched on Google.  People are interested in hooking-up online,  and not just for dating.  How about book groups?

In speaking directly with thousands of book lovers at the LA Times Festival of Books, an overwhelming number of people told us that they "were not presently in a book group - but would love to join one," they just didn't know how to go about finding like-minded readers in their area!  Remarkably, we'd estimate that only one in 40 people coming past our booth actually admitted to being in a group. 

BOOKBUFFET.COM has listened! We've taken this concept to our programmers to develop an exciting new feature that we think will be the killer ap.  Anyone coming to need only click on the new "MATCH" feature button and be taken to a familiar questionaire that once submitted will connect them to like-minded book people.  This is the first Match Service to meet the specific needs of book people. 


Now Readers Have Place to

  • Meet People
  • Find Friends, Reading Partners, Literary Soul Mates
  • Form a Book Group Online or In-person
  • Join an Existing Book Group

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