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"The BookBuffet Story: How It Happened"

Paula Shackleton, BookBuffet Founder and President Fact Sheet - Features Overview:


Public Access - Free home page is a destination for book lovers.

  • Literary calendar: Author birthdays and national/international book festivals and events.
  • Features: The latest book news, author profiles and interviews, articles on books-to-film, and other stories of interest.
  • About Book Groups: Comprehensive information on how to join an ongoing book group, how to start your own, and how to keep it going, plus great tips on how to keep the book selections interesting and members engaged in discussion
  • Find a Book Store: Directory of independent and specialty stores
  • Buy Books: Convenient and secure online purchasing through four affiliate partners (, Barnes&,, and
  • Podcast: Our latest feature. Listen to BB on the go via any portable audio player or just via your computer. 

Member Access - Requires registering for a Subscription members create their own community and enhance their book group and book discussion experience.

  • Home Page: Customizable calendar to schedule meetings and other events; Add Book feature to display cover image of current or next book selection, plus convenient links to purchase online.
  • My Book Group: Address book of all group members with MapQuest links for easy travel directions to the next meeting site.
  • Communicate: E-mail tool to communicate instantly with one or all group members.
  • Online Discussions: Private group bulletin board with access to general bulletin board and monthly moderator-led book discussion forum.
  • My Journal: Private journal for each individual member to record notes, paste links, etc.
  • Book Archives & Research: Archive of books can be sorted by each group's list or by all member contributers. Includes member ratings, reviews, and 3-4 research links per book.
  • Links & Resources: Over 200 authoritative links in categories to stimulate and inform, from award-winning books and book review sites to author interviews and resources for aspiring writers
  • Find a Moderator: Directory of book discussion facilitators.
  • Find a Match: Looking to find people with like-reading interests? Want to hook-up with existing book groups, either online or in your area?  Look no further than our new Match Feature.  



"The price of membership is covered the first time you send out BookBuffet E-vites... and save on postage! No searching for cards, no writing out invitations and directions ten times over, no trip to the post office. Saves time and everyone gets it at once!"  

Debra Millar, Between the Lines


"I bought memberships for my whole group for Holiday Gifts—it's less expensive than a book and will keep us organized the whole year long."  

Roberta Hicks, Kerrisdale Reading Group


"Love the look and feel of the site—it's very easy to be here; our book group's new home. ...[W]e add all the member birthdays and important dates onto our calendar."       

Barb Gelfant, Vancouver Readers


" lovely, it just occured to me my writer's group might be a sort of book club, delighted to be able to explore [the site] in-debth."

Janet Warner, Author Other Sorrows, Other Joys:The Marriage of Catherine Sophia Boucher and William Blake.


"I've gotten referrals for work by posting my name on the BookBuffet Moderator's List."

Ami Silber, BookBuffet Moderator Los Angeles


"I enjoy ckecking your website regularly. You're doing great things.  Everything you suggest is wonderful."

Leslye Lyons, Editor "Literary Lines".


"I have Pulpwood Queen chapters running coast to coast...that's 25 chapters...[E]njoyed the interview you did with our Sept PWQ's author, Alan Eisenstock. Keep up the good work and you may want to think up a new category for us. ...I posted a link to your site on ours." 

Kathy Patrick, Owner "The Pulpwood Queens Book Club"



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