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About Bookbuffet
sept 2008

Press Release
Contact: Paula Shackleton,
+1 310 383-5523 or Canada +1 604 907 2804
Sept 8, 2008

BookBuffet Partners With

Can women today really have it all? That is the question that a significant number of BookBuffet members ask themselves as they attempt to balance the stuff of life: education, careers, family and relationships. The amount of information, expertise and books written on the subject is h u g e. That's why BookBuffet President, Paula Shackleton openly embraced a working partnership with the developers of a new website called is the online center for career women, working mothers, women in leadership, people balancing work life, and those who want to have it all. Founders Margarite Dorn, Esq. and her partner Carol O'Day, Esq. are both professional women who have entered, left and returned to the workforce. They recognized a need to find balance in their own lives, and that there was a whole segment of the population struggling with the same dilemma.

With our shared values and mission, BookBuffet and HavingItAll have decided to parter on three levels: BookBuffet will reproduce their column, called "RoadMaps", which includes a review of a book, film, or commentary about their mission, and the two companies will also exchange a link-share program, and lastly, we hope to collaborate on future a speaking engagements from our relative areas of expertise.

"Look for the fascinating book reviews and information starting this month", says Paula Shackleton. "We're excited to share our site traffic with, which we hope will jump-start their web launch and business success! It's a privilege to be working with Margarite and Carol. We wish them all success."

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