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About Bookbuffet
october 2005


Media Contacts:

Paula Shackleton

(604) 907-2804

Sharon Boorstin




"BookBuffet members can learn about wines as they read books with our new monthly 'Wine & Book Club'."

Vancouver/Whistler, BC. (October 2005)—Women&Wine Editorial Director Sharon Boorstin and BookBuffet Founder and Executive Editor, Paula Shackleton will be selecting books and wine for our members to enjoy together. 

"Sixty percent of wine purchases in the US are made by the female member of the household at the supermarket where they are in the most hurry and where sales staff are not much help!

We at Women & Wine want to help educate women about wine so they can be confident whether at the market, the wine store or out for dinner.  Our new re-designed website offers wine trips and information on the vintners, the region and accommodations and great eating. AND we sell wines by the bottle and the case.

We wanted to partner with BookBuffet because we know women at book groups often drink wine at their meetings -- what a better time to taste, discuss and learn about wines as they read."—Sharon Boorstin 

BookBuffet is thrilled to offer this new service to our members and site visitors. Each month we will pick a new popular book suitable for groups to discusss, and the expert wine makers, sommeliers and food people at Women & Wine will hand pick wines to match — at 3 different price points.

Purchase one bottle at a time, or get a case (with shipping discounted) and share the bottles between the group.

Four times a year a celebrity chef on the Food Channel out of San Francisco will design a fun tasting menu to match the wines and the book!!

We're having an exciting launch party at Whistler's Annual Food & Wine Cornucopia Festival, November with a guest author and fabulous matched wines in a private luxury chateau.

Register your book group as a BookBuffet member, and join the "Wine and Book Group." 

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