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There are THREE different types of discussion boards or forums on


(1) My Book Group - Chat within your own book group on your own private bulletin board.

As registered members, your group will have its own internal discussion board to post notes.  This is a good place to keep others within your group abreast of group news and information. You may be struggling with the book and just want to post a query to the group, or you may have found a particularly helpful link or review to post regarding your current book.


(2) General Discussion Board - Chat with other members of groups on the general bulletin board in threaded discussions.

As a member, you can have discussions with members of all existing book groups on—across town, in the next city, other states, or even abroad!  This is a good place to post a notice if you're moving and are looking for a new group at your new location, or if you have a particular interest to share or query to raise with everyone. Some people are doing research, or looking for a particular edition, or just want to see who is out there and what they're up to—literary-wise, of course!


(3) Monthly Book Discussion Board - A Moderator-led discussion of a selected book.

Each month a new moderator leads a discussion on a book of his/her choice.  This is available to any and all members to participate.  If you don't belong to or wish to commit to a regular book group, this is the forum for you. Purchase the book and follow along and contribute to the discussion.  If you're already in a book group, this is a great way to see how a Moderator-led discussion works.


Our  Monthly Book Discussions are led by featured guest contributers who are professional moderators from across the country.  See how the experts handle book discussions and join in!


Mar/April Moderator Led Discussion:

SNOW by Orhan Pamuk



Previous discussions included: Bel Canto by Anne Patchett, The Special Prisoner by Jim Lehrer, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, and Nature Lessons by Lynette Brasfield, The Sheltering Sky By Paul Bowles, The Best of Good by Sara Lewis. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery, Ulysses, by James Joyce


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