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what is a book group?

A book group is a group of people who get together on a scheduled basis, generally once a month, to discuss a book they have pre-selected, read, and often researched.


Book groups vary in composition from a small group of 6-12 individuals meeting monthly in their homes, to larger groups organized by libraries and book stores. The vast majority of book groups are those that meet in private homes, otherwise known as “living room” groups.


Living Room Book Groups

The Living Room book group is part social and part informative.  Members generally take turns hosting the group in their homes, with one member leading the discussion, providing some research, possibly reviews and biographical material on the title and author. Although the meetings are informally structured to allow free-flowing discussion, the leader tries to ensure all members participate in the discussion, contributing opinions, insights, personal anecdotes, and additional research. The host/hostess may provide refreshment at a break, such as morning coffee, lunch, or dinner, depending on the time of day and preferences of the group.


The success of each meeting depends mainly on several key factors: a good book selection, thoughtful and focused member participation, and adequate preparation by the leader.  


Some Living Room groups engage the services of moderators to enhance their book discussion. Learn more about Moderator-Led Book Groups.

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