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The book publishing and retail industry is changing. Online retail and mega stores are out-competing the smaller ones, but at what cost? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. You must decide how best to serve your own needs, but do consider that the mega stores, while offering extensive stock, also cater to median interests and publishers are unfortunately succumbing to a numbers game; the risk of losing our creative and independent voices lies in succumbing to mainstream anything! 

Variety of interest is key. We at BookBuffet strive to encourage just that, through our varied recommendations, features, and links to books in and outside mainstream. We therefore encourage you to not only purchase from us, but to support the independent book seller in your area—by thinking ahead and ordering by telephone or email. 

Even the smallest book store has a computer. Ask them to log on to and access your group book archive list to view the sorts of books your group has been reading. 

If you are looking for something similar, they will easily make suggestions from their stock. If you want to branch off to something new or complement or contrast a previous selection—they'll know where to go from there as well. 



For your convenience, wherever there is a book image shown on this website—on your group home page or in the BOOK ARCHIVESthere are hyperlinks directly to our online affiliate partners.  If you make your purchase as a group, you can take advantage of the discounted or free shipping offered by our affiliates. We suggest the following method:  

At the time you make your vote on the next book selection, have one person order all the books for your group online (or with our independents) and get delivery to the next meeting address preceding the discussion.  This requires acting one meeting in advance, but once you've made the jump, there will be no further individual delivery charges and people can schedule their reading time according to other demands in their lives. 

As each member collects their book the fee is reimbursed to the payer. This way, everyone receives the book at the same time—early enough to complete it for the discussion date.


To purchase other books not listed or featured on the site, click on buy books on the bottom menu at any time—it's visible from every page of the website on the bottom, or Universal Navigation Bar.



Please note that when you use our LINKS & RESOURCES, a pop-up window opens of that site. If you purchase a book on an outside website, will not be credited for your purchase. Please support by making as many book purchases on our site as possible. Revenues from these sources help to cover our operating expenses, journalist expenses, programmer expenses and so on—which all contribute to's ability to offer you a more vital and interesting website with quality articles,  useful features, and ongoing enhancements!





Additional partners—independent book stores—will be added as we grow. Browse our growing list and see if there is a shop in your area. Drop us a line for that special store near you that we're missing! These stores are owned by unique people who cater to their local clientele and their interests, strive to bring authors and events, and contribute to a community of readers and literacy. Please visit their websites and support them by purchasing your group selections from them as well. There's plenty of business to go around. We love our independents and have met or know many of the owners personally. 

Still want to support an Independent but can't think of one in your area? You may wish to use, a member organization of independent book stores with a locator method that links you to their closest member. When you visit, you will be prompted to enter your zip code and you will be matched to the closest independent book store.

You can also search for local independent book stores using our Find a Bookstore directory.   

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