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Become a BookBuffet Reviewer Today

Read a good book or a beloved classic? Want to share your review with other book lovers? Bookbuffet welcomes independent review submissions.  If you have a special area of interest, why not consider becoming a regular BookBuffet reviewer and receive books for free!

Submissions should be in .doc or .rtf double spaced with your name and email address.  We love to see imbedded links to research (type url in brackets behind linkword)

We reserve the right to accept or decline publication, and will generally get back to you within five business days. Join our growing list of contributers. 

Published Authors

You have a critical window of time to get the word out about your book. is used by avid readers and book groups who create the buzz that turns good books into bestsellers.  

Register to become a BookBuffet Author. 

Send us an email about you and your book and we will decide if it is suitable for our membership. Your book must be available for sale on one of our affiliate booksellers: amazon, barnes&noble, booksense or (and

Next step is to mail a review copy. Books selected for a review are placed in the editorial section of the site at no cost.

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If you wish to purchase advertising space on the site (that does not require editorial approval) you can take advantage of our site traffic at two, four or eight week rate-intervals.  

Send us an email with: your name, the book title, the publisher and date of publication, an jpeg photo of you and a jpeg of the book cover, along with a short bio and a short synopsis of the book. Be sure to include your contact info, your url so that readers can find you in the manner you choose. Cost is $50/2wks, $90/4wks, $150/8wks. The post is made within three working days of receipt of Pay Pal payment.


A podcast is a fantastic way to interest readers, who enjoy hearing the author speak about yourself and your book in your own words. When you sign-up for a Podcast we will send you a 1-800 telephone number to record your message. We recommend you write a script to read that answers your pick from the following questions:

    1. State your name and your book title and give a short synopsis of the book.
    2. Where did the idea for your book come from?
    3. How is the plot developed or what keeps the reader interested?
    4. What are readers going to discover or learn more about from reading your book?
    5. Have you won or been nominated for any prizes or received any good reviews you'd like to share?
    6. Care to share any personal info: education, family status, previous works, or things that interest you?
    7. How can members reach you?



BB interviews are an in depth way to reach readers. This is a full feature article with typed transcript, associated links and images to compliment you and your book. We use professional recording equipment and digital processing to ensure enjoyable listening quality. We then syndicate the finished audio to a number of podcast aggregators. This increases your marketing many many times over: itunes,, digg, yahoo, and select sites according to theme or content of your book, thereby broadening your exposure to millions of more listeners.

Place your name alongside best selling and award winning authors such as Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Safran Foer, Academy Award winner Julian Fellowes, historian Margaret MacMillan and distinguished Spanish language translator (of authors: Cervantes, Vargas Llosa, et al) Edith Grossman.

Coming Soon: Look for our Meet the Author Pages

Each author will get their own Meet The Author page with a photo, biography, bibliography, link to your website, and opportunity to disclose varying levels of contact between you and our members/visitors. Want to speak directly to book groups?  Prefer to chat via speaker phone or answer questions online?  Our site visitors are your next potential reader, your next potential customer.  Book groups are now determining who becomes a best seller, who launches into the realm of popular and critical success. Let them discover you at BookBuffet alongside our select list of featured authors.  Contact us to join our launch list.

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