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Cover Image of Thunderball (James Bond Novels) by Ian Fleming published by Penguin (Non-Classics)
Cover Image of The Book of Illusions: A Novel by Paul Auster published by Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
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If you choose to ADD BOOK first, the book is automatically loaded into your book selection pull-down menu. If you are scheduling the event first, click Add a new book and follow the prompts that will bring you back to this page.


If your event is not tied to a book—a reminder about a book festival, a member birthday, etc.—it is not necessary to select a book. Click not applicable (N/A) in the book selection pull-down menu.


On this ADD EVENT page your group member addresses are automatically loaded in the venue pull-down menu. If all group members have not yet registered, or your event is at another location, click Add a new venue and follow the prompts that will bring you back to this page. Whenever you add a venue or member address, a Mapquest link is automatically loaded so that you can easily find the location.


Once you have completed the ADD EVENT page, you will be automatically taken to a COMMUNICATE page to e-mail your group about the event. You can skip this page by clicking on group home page on the bottom menu. You can always come back to the site and click COMMUNICATE to e-mail your group members.


Please note, sometimes it may take a few minutes for the calendar information to load onto your group home page. Clicking the refresh button on your browser toolbar often helps. If this information fails to appear after 10 minutes or when you return to the site at a later time, please e-mail us at

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