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Not Finishing The Book?

Buy the book early, as soon after it has been selected as you can in order to have sufficient time to read it.  The fastest way to dissolve a book group is to regularly have a room full of people who didn't read or finish the book—everyone begins to wonder what they're all doing there.  We recommend buying your next book online as a group, and have the books delivered (usually free of charge) to next month's host for everyone to pick up and take home.


Can't Find Enough To Talk About In The Book?

Select books that will support lively discussions by using reviews, recommendations, and the Book Archive that lists books read by other book groups with member reviews and ratings.


Forget What You Wanted To Say At The Meeting?

You had lots of idea while reading the book, but somehow you never have the chance to bring them up during discussion. Make and Bring Notes! and quotes from the book or your journal.


Missing Meetings? Feel Disorganized When You Get There?

Use the BookBuffet Calendar and refer to our "host tips". Send e-vites, mapquest directions and reminders. Stick to a schedule to allow time for friendly chitchat followed by focused book discussion. Adhere to break schedules and respect the agreed upon ending time.


Bored With The Book Picks?

Mix up genres, styles, authors, eras! Build knowledge-base on an author or topic by choosing a book that complements or contrasts your previous selection. Mix up national authors with international authors. Read both fiction and non-fiction - alternating if you wish. Choose contemporary, classic or ancient tome.  Mix genres and book lengths: short stories, plays, screenplays or poetry for meetings when you are pressed for time; consider reading a longer, more challenging work over the two-month summer break (or cover a long book over two session meetings.) 


Meetings Getting Routine?

Add Some Fun! Attend author readings, book fairs, or go on other book-related "field trips" together. Attend the movie or play based on a book you've all read or intend to read.  If you're in a same-sex group - invite opposite sex partners to attend one meeting and ask them to pitch their favorite book for your group to vote on—competition can be intense! Fair warning: men typically pick histories or biographies, and their fiction choices usually feature topics and themes quite different from those found in the works of Barbara Kingsolver or Margaret Atwood.


Loosing Members? Keep A Roster of Potentials

Attrition of the group happens over time naturally. People move, get busy with life (a new baby or a different job) and drop out. Suddenly you find that it's your turn to host on every third month and there are only 4 people who attend regularly. Keep the group to a set number. Anticipate you'll need recruits and act accordingly. Allow one member, perhaps the host, to invite a guest or friend to join the discussion every month or from time to time.  That guest may be the perfect new addition when a member drops out or you want to expand.  Don't allow your group to shrink through attrition—new blood, fresh ideas and viewpoints help groups to thrive.


Enjoy your book group experience!

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