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public & online groups

These types of book groups are open to the general public and are usually free or require a small fee per meeting.  The upside of participating in these book groups is that you can pick and choose when to attend based on your interest level in the selected book. The downside is that you are dealing with the general public: you won’t know your fellow attendees and you may miss the close relationships that form over time within a private book group.


Public Book Groups

Public book groups generally meet at libraries, book stores, or cafes. You can find out about these groups, their meeting schedules, and book selections by checking your local newspaper,  by visiting your local library or favorite book store, or by placing an announcement on our bulletin board or by creating a profile on our new match feature. These meetings are usually free and frequently feature moderators (the librarian or a book store employee) or even the author. This is a great way to “drop in” to discuss and learn about literature, discover interesting new books, and meet people (especially if you’re new to the area) without making a commitment. You may end up meeting just the right like-minded book lovers to form your own private book group!


Online Book Groups

From the comfort of your own laptop or computer station, you can meet with fellow book lovers online. You can take advantage of chat networks and posted discussions to join at your leisure (and during those insomniac moments), or participate in scheduled discussion forums with other readers. Scheduled discussion forums (specific dates and times), may  include participation by the author or a moderator who leads the "discussion" by posting threads (themes, questions, etc.) that are discussed by the group in real time during the chat session.


The online discussion forums are casual with an open schedule; you can jump in any time by adding your comments to an existing thread of discussion.  Each month we feature a new moderator leading a discussion of a book of his or her choice. Our moderators check in regularly to comment and place new threads, so check in regularly if the book and discussion are of interest to you. 


Joining an online book group offers you the opportunity to discourse with people from all over the globe without leaving your own home. Just follow the basic Internet protocols to ensure your enjoyment and safety.

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