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about the site Is a literary website and social networking site for book people. We serve savvy book groups who want to be better informed, organized, up-to-date and
c o n n e c t e d with other readers, authors and publishing professionals. We embrace Web 2.0. BookBuffet will help you stay abreast of all the latest web and technology resources. From basic search skills, to the latest gadgets that allow you to collect, store, and access information you use.

We're making the site easier to share things: about you, your book group, favorite books, reviews, resources, and events. Stay connected at fast becoming the facebook of bibliophiles.

Connect to Information

The home page has literary news, book reviews, author interviews and podcasts, and a growing list of video content. We've got tips to improve your book picks, discussions, research and technology trends. We also have a mash-up that brings up-to-the-minute feeds from other important book related sources.

Connecting to People

Already in a book group? Register your book group and use the tools, to keep your group organized, buy books, and save time and money. Click JOIN and get your own homepage, display your current book, put dates on a shared calendar, send one or all on your email list, use Mapquest directions to meeting locations, keep track of all the books you read, write notes in your own journal with pasted research you can print to bring to discussion... and more.

Looking to join or start a book group? Join the BB Match and meet other book groups who are looking for members in your area, or meet other people looking to start a group in your area.

Connecting to Opinions

Rate books, write reviews, tell us about your book group and how you conduct your meetings, who your favorite authors are.


To Use This Site

We've used a color code to help orient you: 
  • green = public home page & information pages
  • purple = registered member pages
  • blue = registered moderator pages
  • orange = find a match pages
  • tan = meet the author pages (coming soon)


The green level—our home page—is a public space. Everyone is welcome. Features section culls the latest book news from a range of sources so you save time and keep up to date on the latest literary news. Topics include:

  • Monthly Author Interview with audio excerpt & transcript
  • Book Reviews, great promotions and much more...
  • Whistler Reads Events and Books
  • Monthly Wine & Book Group Pick
  • Publisher Profiles
  • Technology Corner
  • PBS Masterpiece Collaboration
  • Upcoming Literary Events
  • Use the information buttons to discover more about the site, how to manage your book group, more about us/the creators, and over 250 hand-picked links to useful web resources such as the best review sites, prize winning sites, literary travel sites, reading guides and study note sites, etc. COLOR CODED GREEN


    Ready for the purple level? Stop in at Registration (It's FREE) and become a Bookbuffet Member.  This space is a private group space shared between you and your book group members. It offers a suite of tools to keep you organized like no other site can. Each group gets its own home page with a calendar to post your own events, where your current book is displayed. You can purchase books from the online affiliates or independent book vendors. Your book archives lists all the books you've read, which you can share and compare against other book groups' books that have been rated, reviewed, and researched—saves time, avoids duds. The group member lists profile details and automatically links to MapQuest to save you steps when sending evites.

    Want to find out information from other book groups? Post a message on the chat forums; see what they're reading in other towns; in other countries! There's access to over 1,000 links and research to help you find better reads worthy of great discussions. Why not join a moderator-led online discussion group, post a comment on the intra-group discussion boards? Looking for a moderator to lead your next book group discussion? We have a growing list of professionals signing up—there may be someone in your area.    COLOR CODED PURPLE


    The blue level tells members they're in their own private space not accessible to anyone else. The my journal page is where you keep a diary of personal thoughts, store quotes from books, make notes from your reading, and copy and paste research you found through the links and resources—then print and take to your meeting for handy reference. Never miss an important contribution to group discussion again! You can archive and sort your notes as you desire; it's organized by literary elements so you can look back and compare plots, themes, or characters from all the books you've read, simply and easily. Comparing literature is the ideal way to draw on the growing list of shared book experiences with your group.

    Professional Moderators are our Bookbuffet VIPs. Moderators who register with Bookbuffet get the following:

    • a shared homepage with the other BB Moderators
    • contact info to meet other professionals, exchange information and tips, and pass along groups when your calendar is chock full
    • notification of special classes and resources pertinent to them
    • a listing on the BookBuffet Moderator list for the public and BB book groups to see and contact them for work
    • a chance to lead an online discussion on the BookBuffet moderator-led chat forum (rotated every month)
    • the ability to manage all of their client groups at a glance, post their books, send them information, and stay organized
    • a tool to keep track of all the books and research they use, all in one handy place.  COLOR CODED BLUE

    At the orange level, our Match Feature is FREE and available to everyone.  This is where people looking to find other people to discuss books sign up, create a profile (up to 5 different ones depending on your needs) and "find a match." You may want to discuss classic literature in a serious fashion during the day, then have a "fun" group online that reads more casual literature. Or say you have special interests you'd like to stay on top of—you're also a Sci-Fi buff, and want to join a long distance forum. 

    Fill out a profile and post it in MATCHCOLOR CODED ORANGE

    Connecting to Readers

    Are you a New or Existing Author looking to connect to readers? BookBuffet has hundreds of book groups spread all over North America and other parts of the world. Each group has an average of 6 members. That's thousands of committed readers who form the network that can turn an obscure author into a popular sensation. Sign-up for our Meet the Author page (coming soon) and reach your audience.

    Are you an Independent Publisher looking to connect to avid readers? Buy a logo spot on the home page (rotates through deck at 30 second intervals) providing readers with a direct link to your business. Ask about our Publisher Pages where you can tell readers about your philosophy, how you got your start, works you're particularly proud of, what's coming down the pike. (coming soon)

    Are you a Budding Writer looking for help with your manuscript? Whether it requires a professional reader-opinion, minor editorial tweaking or a deep editorial shaping, we're developing an app to connect you to literary agents and editors to get free advice, connect, or perhaps sign a deal. (coming soon)

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