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It's FREE!  It's easy and takes only a few minutes. To register yourself and your group, (you can be a group of one—no need to have other members at this time, join and find members later!) you need:

  • A name for your group, e.g., "Susan's Group" or  "The Richmond Readers" or "Between the Lines."  Have fun and be creative!
  • An email address for yourself and each of your existing group members (or any people you want to invite to join this group)

Click on REGISTER and fill in all the required fields for yourself (marked with *). If you live in a town or region where there are no zip or postal codes, simply enter all 0's.

You will automatically become the group administrator and have special privileges and responsibilities (this can be rotated at any time)


You will receive a "success" message after registration is complete, and an e-mail confirmation notice will be sent to your inbox that contains your password for your records.

After the "success" message you will be sent immediately to your new home page.  

You can click MY BOOK GROUP at any time once you have registered. On the MY BOOK GROUP page,

Invite New Members

Click here to learn more about how you can invite members, existing or new, to join your group.

As the founding member your first duty will be to familiarize yourself with the website by clicking and reading all the helpful information on the site—from how to run a book group, to how to use the site, how to customize your home page, how to add books to your archive, how to add research, how to use the journal.  

Customize your new group home page by adding your first scheduled book, and add the related meeting date to the group calendar.

As your friends receive their "e-vite" with group ID and a link to register themselves to join the group, their email addresses will appear on your group member list.

OR, if you wish to proceed and register each of your members for them, you can just go ahead and click back on REGISTER and use your new group name or unique group identifier (found inside MY GROUP at the bottom when you click on INVITE NEW MEMBERS). You'll need their address and phone number to complete their registrations.

Welcome to—your new HOME and the one-stop resource for book groups.



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