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Cover Image of Shanghai Grand: Forbidden Love and International Intrigue on the Eve of the Second World War by Taras Grescoe published by HarperAvenue
Cover Image of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Rosemary Edmonds published by Viking Press
Cover Image of Rabbit, Run by John Updike published by Ballantine Books
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Books are marketed and distributed to niche and wide markets. These websites feature book reviews directed toward reading tastes of the region. Bookmark your favorites.

We've divided them into NorthAmerican and World-wide.


  • The Atlantic Monthly: sophisticated, academic editorialship can be found within these pages.
  • Blue Rectangle: offers video book reviews (book reviews on video). Concise and fascinating insights into a wide variety of books, by a wide variety of book reviewers.
  • Bookmarks Magazine: hundreds of reviews distilled into one easy-to-read magazine.
  • Book Page: review journal for booksellers, book publishers, and readers.
  • California Literary Review: insightful, irreverent book reviews, thought provoking essays and interviews with talented authors.
  • The Christian Science Monitor : founded by a woman before the vote, this is an independent voice that puts "principles before dividends", does not use the wire service for its news, but rather writes its own features by journalists around the globe. Winner of five Pulitzer prizes. For a moral voice, look here.
  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer: a recognized leader in book reviews with insights from the mid-West.
  • CNN: reviews of current books and searchable archive of previously reviewed titles.
  • Detroit Free Press: offers a robust book section with insightful reviews and intereviews.
  • Entertainment Weekly: yes, it's not all fluff! This site is available only to magazine and AOL subscribers.
  • January Magazine: online bestseller list with reviews and interviews.
  • Kirkus Reviews: for librarians, insightful reviews of books for all ages.
  • Los Angeles Times Books: west coast twist on what's new and notable. Plus a great calendar section of local book events.
  • The Melbourne Age: Take a look at what they're reading down-under!
  • The New York Times: a definitive source of new releases, some say the pulse of America's reading.  Sign up for free to get full access.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer: book reviews, features, and area events.
  • Salon Magazine: highly recommended for more than book reviews and interviews.
  • San Antonio Express-News: presents an interesting mix of titles with reviews of and by South Texas authors. 
  • Seattle Arts & Lectures: SAL was founded to raise the understanding, appreciation, and visibility of the literary arts in the Puget Sound region. Check out their lecture series and writers school.
  • The San Fransisco Chronicle: the paper of record for Northern California's vibrant book community.
  • USA Today: top 150 books.
  • Village Voice Literary Supplement: high spirited, passionate journalism.
  • The Washington Post: inspires conversations between editors, writers, and readers. Sign up for free to get full access.
  • what they're reading north of the 49th parallel.

Good literature crosses boundaries. It broadens our horizons as citizens of the world to read contemporary or classic literature form other nations and cultures.


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