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About Bookbuffet
dec. 2003


Book Clubs Can Treat Themselves All Year Long


LOS ANGELES, CA. (December 4, 2003) — What can book club members give as gifts to other members? Books may seem like the logical choice, but members tastes vary and what may be a perfect read to one person can prove to be a dud for another. Gift certificates to bookstores are nice, but may feel too impersonal. This year, book clubs have a better option, one that will please all members and spark new life in their clubs: memberships to, the online resource for book groups.


For only $15.00 per person, consumers can first treat themselves and then one or all book club members to a year-long membership to, which includes a members only book club home page as well as access to book archives, book news, feature articles, and forums to discuss literary issues with like-minded readers.


"Whether you want to give one or more memberships, our new group registration option makes giving memberships to as a holiday gift as easy— if not easier—than buying a book online," said Paula Shackleton, founder and President of "And memberships are gifts that last all year long."


Launched this past April, is the community-based website that provides consumers currently in a reading book club (or those looking to start one) with a menu of unique tools and resources to help organize and communicate instantly, purchase books, and obtain quality information to enhance the selection, reading, and discussion of all types of books.

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