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As a moderator member, you have access to unique features designed especially to meet your needs. If you choose to be listed as a moderator on, you will have the ability to reach thousands of interested readers who belong to book groups. Alternatively, you may prefer to remain unlisted and just access your member features.


Just for moderators on

  • Manage your book group using your own customizable calendar
  • Communicate instantly with your book groups—individuals, the entire group, or all your groups at once
  • Archive your book research and notes in one convenient location for easy retrievable, e-mailing, or printing
  • Facilitate your research and manage your business using our extensive links & resources
  • Keep abreast of book news and events
  • Find and communicate instantly with other moderators
  • Purchase books for yourself or your group online for time and money savings

Lead an Online Discussion

As a moderator member, you will have the opportunity to lead one of our monthly online discussions open to members only. Suggest a book, post discussion topics, and respond to members at your leisure.  It's fun and easy!


Reach New Book Groups

Once you have registered as a moderator, you can request your profile to be added to our FIND A MODERATOR database. This database is only accessible to members. You can choose your level of availability and preferences, such as types of books or size of groups. 


Become a Moderator

We will soon be providing information for people interested in becoming a moderator.  Rachel Jacobsohn, founder of the Association of Book Group Readers and Leaders (ABGRL), has defined and refined this role. Look for her essay "On the Art of Moderating" and notices of her upcoming workshops to be posted here in the near future.


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