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BookBuffet Members' Recent Reading Lists


Many of you have asked what other book groups are reading. We queried the database for the latest entry on random book group archives and here is your answer. Please drop us a few lines about your group with a picture so we can share.


January 12, 2006

Recent Members Reading List

An interesting observation is that several of our book groups are library groups and groups of teachers, or teacher-run book groups. This explains the crossover of "young adult" titles in amongst the list - but these same titles interestingly are rated very high on Amazon [The Perks of Being a Wallflower is rated 854th,] so they are clearly being read by adults and other book groups.


As well, we have several temple and church book groups which bring interesting titles onto our book archive list such as, As a Driven Leaf, a modern fiction that brings the Talumud to life (quoted by amazon reviewers as magnificent) and After the Apple that seeks to understand relationships in the bible.


I was intrigued by a member's entry from the UK, Buddha Da which is a book written entirely in Scottish [Glaswegian] dialect; "This wis sumpn ah couldnai get ma heid rond. As far as ah'm concerned, wanst yer ded, yer deid." It is a modern telling of the legendary Buddha's life, who abandoned his wife and child to follow his call to faith, and how everyone eventually is able to forgive and follow Budda's teachings except his wife.


We have several African American reading groups and I always enjoy the titles they introduce to our site. The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother, which makes me wonder what Faulkner's novel Light in August would have been like if it had been written from the mother's point of view instead of Christmas, the mixed-race son's point of view?


An environmentally concsious group from Montana introduces us to Ordinary Wolves, a story about a boy growing up in a sod igloo alongside native Inuit who struggles with old and new values and traditions - heralded as the next Jack London in storytelling force, in a new genre called ecological fiction.


One of our groups seems to prefer conceptual socio-economic books that forcast changes in behavior and business trends. Their entry was, A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age.


And we have a budding classicist group who put up, Under My Skin and autobiography by Doris May Lessing and other great titles such as Unto the Last: And Other Writings by John Ruskin, and more.


Another ambitious academic group gets the prize for the longest book, with 600 word-dense pages, The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers is his 8th novel and follows the Strom family with themes of race, family, politics, music and physics!


There are book entries from India and book entries from Australia. Our Wine and Book club and partnership with has attracted a group of professional wine experts who have formed a group who read - books on food and wine, of course! 

If we all took a moment to write a note in the REVIEW section of the BOOK ARCHIVES on each book we list -- the rest of BookBuffet members would benefit greatly!! Consider making a habit of this at the close of your meeting; vote on the book's rating (1-5) and jot down a line or two on the discussion points.


If one of these books is on your list, write us about your discussion—or go back to the archive and include your rating of the book. In this way members can relate and rely on peer reviews. Send us a picture of your group, (jpeg) and we'll post your comment!



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