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VidLit: The Future of Book Promotion is Here


Can anyone imagine a hit music single without its corresponding hit music video? Well, think what's in store, er...avail online for you in the book world now that VidLit, a company established by ten year film veteran Liz Dubelman, has changed the face of book marketing with her irreverent flash animated "trailers" for books. Case in point—VidLit's fun piece created for THE FUTURIST: A Novel by James P. Othmer.


June 28, 2006
So wha'd'ya think? Cool isn't it. But is it effective? Well that question may have already been answered back in 2005 by the response Liz got from the vidlit she created for a book published by Little, Brown called Yiddish with Dick and Jane.

"The trailer, which Dubelman says got two million impressions, wound up catching the eye of Pearson, the publisher behind the original “Dick and Jane” books—and thus both Dubelman and Little, Brown were slapped with a copyright-infringement lawsuit. But what may finally matter most is that the campaign proved Dubelman’s odd little videos actually made people click on and take notice.

Dubelman has created twelve vidlit campaigns to date each of which features an excerpt from the book, dressed up with sound and special effects, and has another six in production.

With a client list that includes Random House, Time Warner and HarperCollins, VidLit has quickly evolved from unknown novelty to notable marketing opportunity. Among other benefits, Dubelman’s campaigns take advantage of the viral nature of the Internet: She sends the flash emails to bloggers and other book-lovers, many of whom pass them on through their own email lists. “It’s like the old shampoo commercial,” she says: “ ‘I told two friends and they told two friends and they told . . .’ ”

Asked if publishers are finally warming up to the idea of Internet marketing, Dubelman says she thinks the industry is coming around. “I think publishers realized that readers are on the Internet, there's very little content aimed at the over-18 crowd, aside from porno, and viral marketing is like a recommendation from a friend.” reports Rachel Deahl, The Book Standard, May 12th.

What is the cost of this you might ask? It averages between $5-10,000—the same as a medium newspaper ad. [Listen to this NPR radio interview by Laura Sydell.]  Interestingly you'll note that many of the book covers reflect the vidlit trailer design concept, so I assume that cover design is part of the branding package developed for the author/publisher.

So I guess the next thing to worry about is, "Will there will be an Oscar or a Lizzy Award for the best LitVid of the year?" --Myah--no one will tune-in to see the beautiful gowns because... don't the real creative talents in the entertainment biz (ie. those not in front of the camera) always dress weird?     

The Futurist is the July/Aug Whistler Reads book selection. To find out more about WR and how to join-- click here.



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