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Who Served Adam Smith Dinner?

abstract:The name Adam Smith in economic and finance circles is sacrosanct. His mantra was simple. People act out of self-interest. This fundamental is at the core of the reasoning behind capitalism and the free market economy. But Swedish author Katrine Marçal asks the question - what about the mothers, wives and workers whose motivation is founded upon love or altruism? Isn't there room for an economic inclusiveness that is not based on self, but on others; on love, not greed; on altruism, not cynicism? And how are they remunerated, or at least accounted for on financial ledgers of companies and countries? Well, I'll bite! Enter Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner: A Story About Women and Economics by Swedish author Katrine Marçal (published by Portobello Book in the UK, 2016).

About the Author

Portobello Books tells us that Katrine Marçal is the lead editorial writer for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, where she writes articles on Swedish and international politics, economics and feminism. On publication in Sweden, Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner was shortlisted for The August Prize and won the Lagercrantzen Award. She lives in London. Do delve deliciously deeper for more background on this important writer on the PB website.

About Portobello Books

A little more about Portobello Books. In 2009 they were short-listed for Independent Publisher of the Year. And this I did not know -- they bought the esteemed literary magazine Granta and as such, share design, marketing and sales teams.

Here's how they describe themselves:

We aim to give our readers books that are enlightening and searching, with a particular focus on non-fiction. We offer our writers a creative, innovative, and supportive environment.

The company was founded in 2005 by the philanthropist Sigrid Rausing, the Academy Award-winning film producer Eric Abraham and the publisher Philip Gwyn Jones. Its first books, published that autumn, were Jeremy Leggett’s Half Gone, Nasrin Alavi’s We Are Iran, Gina Ochsner’s People I Wanted To Be and Glen Neath’s The Outgoing Man – urgent non-fiction in ground-breaking form, outstanding short stories from America via Eastern Europe, and highly experimental British fiction.

Look to their website for font list, midlist and backlist titles (are there any there yet? LOL) Surprise! They represent Hurta Muller who won the Nobel Prize in 2009. That appears to have been a very good year for Portobello.

Here is the link to her Nobel Prize. Might as well get her book, Land of Green Plums, The: A Novel while you are at it!


June 11, 2016



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