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abstract:April marks our launch back into the Whistler Reads public book club series. It is fitting that we should discuss Nobel Peace Prize laureate (2010) Liu Xiobo's new book recently published by Harvard University Press entitled, No Enemies, No Hatred: Selected Essays and Poems. Join us the SECOND (not the first as stated earlier) Thursday of June at Armchair Books in Whistler village, where WR members receive a 10% discount on books and where we'll will meet, greet and share refreshments next door at Whistler's popular Gone Bakery Restaurant. Your donation towards a participation fee in advance covers everything. $15 at the door. Be a part of Whistler's reading, thinking book discussion series, where we alternate fiction with nonfiction titles every 8 weeks.

Liu Xiobo is a writer, literary critic, professor and most importantly, a public intellectual and human rights activist who was arrested in 2008 for his


April 01, 2012
— participation and protest of the Chinese government which culminated in the Tianamen Square Masacre. He was sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment due to his role in circulating the Charter 08 manifesto calling for multiparty constitutional government in China. If you read this document, you will be reminded of the United Nations human rights charter. But more that this, Liu's essays provide clear insights on the status of people in China today. Their relationships within the world economic forum, the rural citizen's land rights to the farms, and how youth are dealing with changing values and opportunities. Two news items come to mind to illustrate this point: Google's struggle for freedom to access the internet, and the teenage boy who sold his kidney recently in exchange for an iPad and iPhone. With China's sovereign wealth dictating control of resource development all over the world, and her broadening domestic markets shaping a new material expectation in her people, political dogma and public unrest are something to in Since the late 1980s, Liuís writings have been banned in China, and few young Chinese people have read them or even heard of him. In the West, Liu was equally obscure until the 2010 Nobel awards were announced. Finally English-language readers have a chance to hear his courageous voice with this volume.

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