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An Economist's Views On The Occupy Movement

abstract:Jeffrey Sachs is a writer economist with numerous distinctions; he's on the list of the 100 most influential people in the the world, the 50 most important leaders in globalization, the 500 most influential foreign policy advisors, and he's the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. In his previous 14 books and publications Sachs has written about the economies of the developing world and macroeconomics of the globe. He's been a champion of people in extreme poverty and as director of the UN Millennium Project he helped write the Millennium Development Goals among other groundbreaking initiatives. He's been criticized as "leftest" and "neoliberal". His latest book, The Price of Civilization: Economics and Ethics After the Fall (Random House 2011) turns the telescope away from those "other nations" and focuses it firmly on the USA. And although the book was written before the "occupy movement", he feels that it is the banner to which his book's message speaks.

The following video posted on You Tube comes from a talk he gave at the Toronto Public Library. It is a 3 part series.


November 29, 2011

Added Links and Resources

The Earth Institute
New Statesmen Review and Interview: This is a succinct interview if you don't have time to watch the above video series.
How Cell Phones Help Developing Nations Hold Their Governments Accountable: This excellent Guardian feature shows how the World Bank and the IMF, created some 60 years ago, pale by comparison to a little cellular device that allows people to communicate: the power of information and transparency.



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