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Rivington Was Ours, by Brendan Jay Sullivan

abstract:"Brendan Jay Sullivan was an up-and-coming New York City DJ when he met Stefani Germanotta, then a struggling artist, in 2006. She was a go-go dancer who sewed her own outfits but had bigger ambitions—she wanted nothing less than to take over the music world. In this intimate portrait of the budding star who would soon catapult to fame and fortune, the author describes afternoons sitting with Gaga on the floor of her bare Lower East Side apartment, drinking wine from pint glasses and plotting out the pop stardom that awaited her."

Reminiscent of the artistic primordial goo before them (Patty Smith, Factory Girl, Madonna's early New York stories) witness this generation's creative musical talent emerge. Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, the Lower East Side, and the Prime of Our Lives (Harper Collins 2013) is the memoir of the moment. A fascinating look into the life and friendship of Gwen Stefani and Brendan Jay Sullivan. “We’d go out every night, eight nights a week, if we could. She would match me for drinks toe-to-toe,” said Sullivan. "People loved her as a dancer. When she was up dancing on stage [people] were like, 'Who's that?'"

But my take on this story is something Brendan is doing quietly reflective of his humanitarian side. You can find the provocative GoGo dancer images elsewhere. Take a look at this video Brendan produced about a friend he made on the streets of New York when he and she were two people trying to get a leg up in the world. This video shows you BJS at the heart. (click to view)


September 10, 2013

Brendan Jay Sullivan is currently on tour for his book. He will be breaking away from his Seattle stop to sweep up to Vancouver for a guest appearance DJ spot at the Vancouver Public Library's inaugural fundraising event TOUCH, co-chaired by myself and Susan Knott. Why not get a copy of his book and join us October 4th, 2013. VIP reception 8-9pm, General Adminssion 9pm-1am. Proceeds benefit the Inspiration Lab, a technology rich space going into the VPL on the 3rd floor 2014.



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