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Masterpiece Airs: David Copperfield Airs, Mar 15th and 22nd

abstract:Fans of Dickens' epic novel David Copperfield get to have a sneak preview of actors David Radcliffe and Ian McKellen who star in the two-part episode on Masterpiece March 15 and 22nd. In the videotaped interview hear Daniel Radcliffe talk about what it was like to audition for his debut film role at the age of 9, and subsequently shoot the drama just as he turned 10. Harry Potter would become his next role. There's a short clip of Sir Ian McKellen describing why he likes playing Mr. Creakle, who we all know to be "the bad guy" in the story. (View Clip)
Meanwhile, the good people at WGBH Boston PBS have compiled a stunning list of resources to accompany your viewing/reading of this classic. The Teacher’s Guide for Dickens and the Book & Film Club resources for Dickens are live and also accessible from the home page. Join the MASTERPIECE BOOK & FILM CLUB today, and stay in touch with like-minded readers.


March 07, 2009

Powerful Social Commentary

At a time when Britain was the major economic and political power of the world, Dickens highlighted the life of the forgotten poor and disadvantaged at the heart of empire. Through his journalism he campaigned on specific issues—such as sanitation and the workhouse—but his fiction probably demonstrated its greatest prowess in changing public opinion in regard to class inequalities. He often depicted the exploitation and repression of the poor and condemned the public officials and institutions that not only allowed such abuses to exist, but flourished as a result.

Another writer who took up the cause of social reform was Mark Twain, whose writing helped to bring about the abolishment of slavery in the UK. Unfortunately, that did not come to America until the tumultant 60's.

Read a full synopsis of both parts to the story.
Meet the main characters in David’s world and explore the careers of the actors who portray them.Characters
Watch Online
For a limited time starting watch online

Inspiring Dickens In Your Children

The Dickens Project of University of California, Santa Cruz is a scholarly consortium devoted to promoting the study and enjoyment of the life, times and work of Dickens. I can't think of a better way to inspire your students or home-schooled child to enter the Dickens realm.

The Dickens Project offers an annual High School Student Scholarship Essay Contest. Two high school students and their teachers can win a scholarship to study Dickens at The Dickens Universe, a conference of scholars and the general public, hosted each summer by the University of California, Santa Cruz. Students enter the contest by submitting an essay on a specific topic. The winning essays are published on The Dickens Project website and circulated at The Dickens Universe. The deadline for this year's contest is March 18, 2009.

The Masterpiece Book & Film Resources

Here is a list of all the book and film resources on Masterpiece. It is worthy of a close browse.

Coming this week-don't miss the:
Book Giveaway
Teachers Guide
Dickens BookClub resources

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    For our in-depth interview with Masterpiece Executive Producer of 20 years, Rebecca Easton, click on the following BookBuffet Podcast.



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