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Vicious Circle Hosts Whistler Writers Festival 2008

abstract:The Vicious Circle Writing Group hosts The Whistler Writers Festival each September, and the marketing blurbs by Lisa Richardson just keep getting better and better. This year they have a host of classes planned on Saturday, Sept. 13th. Check out the 7th annual lit-fest offerings: 15 different seminars in fiction, non-fiction and magazine, and memoir/writing from life streams, with free sessions as well as ticketed events starting from $20. Participants can dabble and cross-genres, or devote a day to a particular focus. If the course content is half as entertaining as the creative titles - you'll be in for a treat! I recommend Shena Lambert's class. Shena attended BookBuffet's four author panel discussion last April. It's great to have her back in Whistler again!


August 21, 2008

Take Your Pick

"Who Gives a %$*&^! About Words?" (Fri, Sept 12 2008, 7pm). Opening night for the 7th Whistler Readers & Writers Festival features a live panel discussion of word-wranglers and muckrakers arguing over the power of words. Combining the persuasive powers of a poet, a politician and a priest, the discussion will be followed by keynote speaker, legendary publisher and author, Mel Hurtig. Whistler Public Library. $25.

"Techniques of the Inquistion" (Sat, Sept 13 2008, 8:30am). A multi-disciplinary panel offers their expertise to writers interested in fiction, non-fiction and writing from life, on how to interview people for their stories. Psychologist Mary Macdonald is joined by award-winning non-fiction writer Wayne Grady, and Whistler Question journalist Jennifer Miller. MY Place, Whistler. $25.

'The Frying Pan" (Sat, Sept 13 2008, 12:30pm). Wayne Grady leads the first of 2 sessions for memoirists and those interested in writing from life with a workshop on how to make the leap from journals, diaries and memory to written memoir. MY Place, Whistler. $25. Move straight from this session into "The Fire” in which Grady will offer the Basics of Memoir Writing, 4pm. Also $25.

“Bagging the Canadian Publishing Industry”. (Sat, Sept 13 2008, 11:30-12:30). Putting to rout the lie that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If your manuscript is ready to make its debut, don’t miss the chance to bag an hour with Andrew Wooldridge of Orca Book Publishers, Brian Kaufman of Arsenal Pulp Press, Vici Johnstone of Harbour Publishing, and Chris Bucci, former editor at McClelland and Stewart. $35 includes lunch and the opportunity to find out from the insiders just how to get your book across the threshold. MY Place, Whistler.

“Writing for Misfits, Punks and Other Varieties of the Teenaged Beast” (Sat, Sept 13, 2008, 8:30am – 11:30am). Here’s your chance to talk about teenagers without fear they’ll overhear. There’s no way they’d be awake at 8:30am. Up and charging to go, however, is award-winning young adult fiction writer, Carrie Mac, with a session that meets the ultimate gauntlet: how to get a teenaged audience to read your story, from start to finish, and to like it. MY Place, Whistler. $25.

“Top 10 Tips to Crank Up Your Writing” (Sat, Sept 13, 2008, 8:30-11:30am) Another early bird bonus. In the spirit of Whistler’s competitive freewalking and freesleeping cults, this FREE session, facilitated by Sara Leach and Pam Barnsley, is for freewriters. Offering a swag of tricks to help participants next-level their writing, with hands-on exercises, pen and paper is mandatory. Caffeine optional.

“Structure, Storytelling and Sticking to the Facts: Keys to Successful Non-fiction” (Sat, Sept 13, 12:30pm – 3:30pm) If you’re serious about writing for a living, Susan Reifer will run you through your paces in this session on writing for magazines and other non-fiction outlets, and definitively answer your question about how much you can just make up. MY Place, Whistler. $25.

“Chic-Lit and Love Stories: an Introduction to Romance and Women’s Fiction” (Sat, Sept 13, 12:30pm-3:30pm) One of every two mass-market fiction paperbacks sold is a romance novel. Here’s the how-to on telling a compelling love story, creating a dynamic hero and heroine (“Oh Brad!”, “Oh Jennifer!”, “Oh Angie??”), what makes for a happy ending, and what the current market trends are for romance, presented by Nancy Warren, the USA Today best-selling author of more than 35 romance novels and novellas. MY Place, Whistler. $25.

“Breaking Into Magazines” (Sat, Sept 13, 4:00pm – 6:30pm) Whether your instinct is stealth or siege tactics, magazine editor and writer Leslie Anthony aims to help you break into the magazine market through discussions, examples and hands-on writing exercises, covering: How to query, get an editor’s attention, understand newsstand philosophy, build working relationships and resist sleeping with your editor on the way to the top. MY Place, Whistler. $25.

“Put the Gun in the Right Guy’s Hand… Writing the Mystery Novel” (Sat, Sept 13. 12:30-3:30) From one of Canada’s most prolific mystery novelists and former criminal lawyer William Deverell comes this interactive workshop on developing your mysterious concept, nailing down the plot, managing those devilish details, and playing cat and mouse with your characters. Bring a writing sample if you have one.

To learn more about the 7th annual Whistler Readers and Writers Festival, download the full program and work out for yourself what the theme, setting and style of the Writers Festival is, or to purchase online tickets, visit



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