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abstract:How as parents do we come to terms with the loss of a child to drug addiction? Graham E Fuller writes "a compelling memoir of paternal love and anguish," says the author's good friend, William Roberts, President Whistler Forum for Leadership and Dialogue when reviewing Graham's latest book titled, Three Truths and a Lie (2012). Whistler Reads members will recall Graham Fuller as our Squamish neighbour who moderated our WR discussion of the political thriller, The Reluctant Fundamentalist in his capacity as former station chief in the Middle East for the CIA. His remarkable career has spurned a prolific list of books on policy and polemics of Islam and conflicts in the Middle East. Three Truths is his first memoir.

The premise of Three Truths is the story of Luke, his adopted Korean child aged 2, who despite the Graham's unbridled love, gradually loses his life’s way to the struggles of addiction and death from an overdose of cocaine at age 21. This is an unsparing and vivid account of the Fuller family's "...wise, misguided, passionate, naïve, creative, [though] ultimately unsuccessful" efforts to save their son. "Luke is warm, likeable, funny, quick to win friends—and a skilled deceiver, able to impress others with a seeming maturity and urbanity. But the image he works to create for himself is increasingly belied by the darker realities of his life and the black hole he creates around his family. The tale chronicles a poignant and tumultuous quest to grasp the meaning of Luke’s life—and death—against a broad international backdrop from Afghanistan to Latin America. It explores the mysteries of adoption, identity, addiction—and grace."—cover blurb

Please join the author January 23rd at the Whistler Public Library at 7pm in discussion of this book.


January 17, 2013

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