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Wine & Book Group Pick for July '06


Just in time for summer, Lauren Weisberger's bitchy New York fashion novel has been released as a feature film produced by Wendy Finerman (Forrest Gump) and the new movie tie-in copy of her first novel is now available.  It's the perfect beach read AND the perfect choice for our Wine & Book Club! Click on the book to link to purchase and join us. Find out more...


July 01, 2006

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  • Believe me, it's much better to be reading about NY in the summer than to have to be there; that's why everyone escapes to the Hamptons. Well, not everyone. Otherwise it wouldn't be the Hamptons, it would be Disney.

    Find out why this book spent six months on the NYT Bestsellers List. Thinly veiled, the protagonist of the story is a smalltown Jewish girl Andrea Sachs, who gets her big break when she lands her first post-grad job working for a fashion magazine, and ends up getting more than she bargained for when she becomes the assistant of Miranda Priestly.  Everything you expect in a NY chicklit novel. Think Sex and the City meets Vogue Fashion Week.

    About the Author

    Lauren Weisberger was only twenty-six when she published her first novel, The Devil Wears Prada in 2003. She had her own experience with the publishing world after graduating from Cornell University in 1999, when she worked for Anna Wintour at Vogue Magazine -- however, she says that the inspiration from the book came from "a combination of places: my friends' stories of their own jobs from hell, time I spent working at magazines, and of course, my own imagination."

    Lauren was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and raised in a combination of Conservative (in her younger childhood) and Reform (in her teenage years) synagogues and says Judaism is tremendously important to her on a number of different levels. She studied in Israel in high school and in college, and visits every chance she gets. She describes this as one of the defining points of her identity.

    As a so-called fashionista, what does Lauren wear?

    "My obsession with jeans is bordering on the unhealthy, especially my ability to justify how many pairs I currently own or ‘need.' With very, very few exceptions (black-tie weddings being the only one that comes to mind), I wear jeans everywhere, for all occasions. The rest of the outfit doesn't interest me all that much and certainly doesn't inspire this level of devotion, but I'm both proud and embarrassed to admit that I can identify brand and fit from a distance of six city blocks."

    Laura now lives in New York City, has published a second book, and writes freelance for several magazines.  

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