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James Patterson To Publish Collective Author Thriller

abstract:I've seen "collective novels" before, but this time uber-crime writer James Patterson will be kicking things off. Patterson will write the first and last chapters of AirBorne, a 30-chapter thriller that will be released one chapter at a time beginning next month. For all the chapters in between Borders and Random House held a contest to find 28 writers who could each create a fast-paced and thrilling chapter in less than 750 words. The contest closed just last month, and the judges are in the process of selecting the winners, each of whom will receive a copy of the finished book; one lucky author will also get a one-on-one master class by phone with Patterson himself. Once completed, AirBorne will be released one chapter at a time beginning on 20 March. Readers will be able to download each chapter electronically, but the final book will be published in print only for participants in the competition. Read on, as BookBuffet explores Patterson's career and his community works, as well as the ways he's using new media to market it all.


March 08, 2009

Did You Know...?

James Patterson holds the record for the highest number of bestsellers on the NYT list - 39 titles, and 19 of them in consecutive order. He is the only author to simultaneously have a book on the adult fiction and children's NYT Bestsellers List. He is the most "borrowed" author in the UK from libraries - over 1.5 milllion instances in a 12-month period. He has sold more books than Stephen King and John Grisham combined. He is the first author to have a "case study" presented on him to Harvard Business School post graduates.

In philanthropic works, Patterson has many community projects directed toward stimulating reading and writing at all levels from school-age to adult. His Patterson Page-Turner grants over $600,000 annually to groups and individuals. His is dedicated to make kids readers for life.

He's got two television series running: Is HOT in Hollywood! James Patterson's Women's Murder Club book series became a new television series for ABC in October, 2007. The show, a hit amongst critics and fans alike, stars Angie Harmon as detective Lindsay Boxer. Also, Spiderman and X-Men producer Avi Arad is at work on the screenplay for a feature film based on Patterson's Maximum Ride series!

James is making a cameo appearance on ABC's new show CASTLE.

For a decade, Patterson has been creating crime novels featuring his police character, Alex Cross. I counted 14 titles on the author's site, and a blog where readers are invited to pick the actor most suited to play the lead role. Here is a link to an excerpt of Cross Country

Check Out All The Books

OK. How many have you read? (Listed in descending order of amazon rating)

  • Run for Your LIfe
  • The 8th Confession (The Women's Murder Club)
  • Cross Country (Alex Cross Novels)
  • Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)
  • Swimsuit
  • Sundays at Tiffany's
  • Saving the World (Maximum Ride, Book 3)
  • 7th Heaven (The Women's Murder Club)
  • School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, Book 2)
  • The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1)
  • 6th Target, The (The Women's Murder Club)
  • The Quickie
  • Violets Are Blue (Alex Cross)
  • Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)
  • 3rd Degree (The Women's Murder Club)
  • Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (Maximum Ride: The Protectors)
  • This feature article suggested by BookBuffet Member: Ben Anderson, CA (USA)



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