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The 6 Best Technology Gifts This Season

abstract: Buy any of these technology gifts for people on your holiday shopping list and feel the ho-ho-ho; it's one-stop shopping for you and techno-bliss for them. We at BookBuffet either have or want to own one of each. Last year we bought the digital camera for our kids, our sibs and the G-parents, and smiles abounded from ear to ear. This year we're updating everyone with a new iphone and arming them with a Kindle. Canada has just gained access to the Kindle; the USA tested all the first generation models and the rest of us get to reap the benefits. What is there not to like about the Kindle? It makes sense environmentally and you can't beat it for convenience; transport hundreds of books with you, download new digital versions in minutes over 3G at a fraction of the regular book price. The killer item on this list is the tiny (fits in the palm of my hand) digital projector. It attaches to your iPod or iPhone and projects a 4 foot wide image on any white surface. Add a set of portable speakers and your next mobile presentation will impress even the board. Order all of these items in bulk from BookBuffet using the handy direct links. Tell them to giftwrap, write a custom note card, capitalize on the free delivery, et voila - Holiday Shopping completed. Now you can enjoy the parties, actually plan to ski or hit the beach before the Xmas rush, and relax throughout December. Peace, good will and happy holidays from all of us at BookBuffet!


December 06, 2009
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Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation)This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the latest model at the Apple Store, which is over $700. An affordable place to start.

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display) Quite possibly the most popular gift this year. Any book club member, business traveler or vacationer will thank you. Carry hundreds of books. Enlarge the text when your eyes become tired. Highlight word searches. Make notes. What more can I say?

Canon PowerShot SD1200IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD (Silver)
Canon is "the" name in digital cameras. This one is priced well, fits in your pocket and takes great pictures.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Compact Speakers for iPod and iPhone (Black) I put this in my backpack for xc ski / fondue parties. Plop your iPod in and you've got instant tunes.

Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector- 4 oz. This is my all-time favorite technology piece this year. People are shocked and amazed at what it can do - and it STILL fits in your breast pocket. Throw a little table tri-pod if you want to complete the package. This is an even better price than what I paid for it at the Apple Store in Santa Monica last month.

We've loaded links to all the colors... just click and add to your basket in quantities you require.

  • Apple iPod nano 8 GB Green (5th Generation)
  • Apple iPod nano 8 GB Pink (5th Generation)
  • Apple iPod nano 8 GB Purple (5th Generation)
  • Apple iPod nano 8 GB Black (5th Generation)



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