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National Book Award Winners Announced

abstract:Last night the winners for the National Book Award for 2003 were awarded their prizes.  Shirley Hazzard who has twice before been nominated won for the fiction category for "The Great Fire" (Farrar,Struas & Giroux)  "It is a love story set in...


November 20, 2003
— ...devastated post-World War II Japan.  In her acceptance speach before 900 writers, editors and publishers, Hazzard urged American writers to remain aware of their immense power in the world and their consequent responsibility not to degrade the language they had been given.  'We're drowning in explaations' she said, 'What we need are more questions."  excerpted from the NYT Nov 20th and written by Randy Kennedy. 

Other National Book Award Winners:

Non-Fiction: Carlos Eire "Waiting for Snow in Havanna" a story that the author claims he would have been arrested for had it been published in his home country, is about pre-revolutionary Cuba.

Poetry: C.K. Williams "The Singing" a collection that deals with aging and memory. 

Young People's Literature Award: Polly Horvath "The Canning Season" about a young girl who is sent to spend the summer with her 91-year-old twin aunts.



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