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Three Compelling Films To Help Save Our Planet

abstract:Climate change was on scientists' radar much earlier than 2006 when the world got a compelling advocate in Al Gore whose book, film and speaking tour titled, An Inconvenient Truth shocked the world into awareness and action.

It took another decade to reach unanimous consensus at the UN's Paris Climate Talks this past fall. (Read a synopsis in The Guardian to bone-up on how we got there.)

I urge you to watch this award winning documentary about a movement called Mission Blue that is powerfully alerting the public to the dangerous plight of our oceans through the compelling work of an inspiring and tireless advocate, Dr. Silvia Searle.

Dr. Searle's life has been dedicated to studying the oceans - she's probably spent more time underwater than above it. Like Gore, she is changing the way we think about the urgency required to stave off the growth of dead zones underwater and the decimation of fish stocks. She advocates for the creation of Hope Spots where fishing and industry are restricted to allow the ecosystem a desperate chance to recover and, with hope, flourish. These underwater parks - just like land-based National Parks – become places for study and the advancement of marine science, where the public can access to understand just what is at stake of being lost. As Dr Searle points out, from the surface the ocean looks


January 24, 2016
— as it did in her youth. But the change she has seen beneath the surface in between then and now is radically different. The truth, she urges, is that we are running out of time to reverse the course. Currently, only 4% of our watery blue planet is protected (Australia is in the lead!) The goal of Mission Blue is to achieve 20% protection by 2020. Her speech at the Paris Climate Talk and this documentary will help bring awareness and action.

The last compelling film we're recommending will change the way you live and eat. It is called Cowspiracy. Interestingly, Kip Anderson was inspired by Al Gore to take the path toward sustainability. When he discovered the industrial agriculture complex was at the base of so many issues to do with environmental degradation and climate change, he sought to find answers. His story, as captured by filmmaker Keegan Kluh and produced by celebrity activist Leonardo DiCaprio, paints a compelling picture.

The surprising thing to me was what goes on behind the scenes (and the funding sources) between the environmental groups and big business and our government Ag Sector. Cowspiracy changed the way I eat and the way I view the industry and its role in contributing detrimental effects to our planet. These are issues and policies that, just like Dr. Searle’s Mission Blue agenda, can be reversed, if we act in time. As the owner of a small farm, Cowspiracy changed my attitude on what to raise and grow, and how necessary it is to fight for policies and actions that encourage small farms—family farms like ours, and the reform of damaging industrial agriculture practices. Let’s give science and nature a chance by changing our own habits, encouraging others and holding our elected officials to task.



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