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Tribeca Film Festival: Available To Viewers At Home

abstract:What a great concept - a film festival you can watch from home! You don't have to be in New York. Check out the line-up for the Tribeca Film Festival-at home 2012 sponsored by American Express - April 19-29th. I was particularly drawn to a film called Knuckleball when the Tribeca Film Festival program came out. It's the story of a small cadre of pitchers in American baseball who mastered the pitch which requires them "to have the fingers of a safecracker and the mind of a Zen Buddhist," or as it is alternately described, "it's like trying to throw a butterfly into your neighbors mailbox." Filmakers Annie Sundberg and Rickie Stern claim it's a metaphor for society and the economic times we face today. While mainstream is bsessed with youth, power and speed the people who master knuckleballs go completely against the mainstream grain; craftsmanship, patience and time are what go into acquiring this pitch, and it is what keeps players in the game when others flame out. The two pitchers for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets are the year long subjects of the film.

Another topic of focus at the Tribeca Film Fest is about the future of film itself. Everyone is scrambling to find ways to deliver films to consumers in the mediums with which they now consume them; via You Tube, the net and how films are marketed as well. For example - are Tweet Seats the new smoking section? How does the medium serve when its virtual screen has gone from theatre size to iPad size for many viewers?


April 11, 2012



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