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Inviting All Book Groups to Adopt a Student for a Year

abstract:At the ripe young age of 45 John Wood was a Microsoft director in charge of business development for greater China. He had a grueling schedule. One year he decided to take a break and do a trek in Nepal. That trip changed his life. Appalled by the lack of education opportunities, where children were being sold by their parents into bonded labor in neighboring countries instead of growing up in their own communities getting an education, he began bringing books back to Nepal. Hauling them to remote mountain locations by yak, by donkey, by whatever means he could, he was able to provide the people living there with no schools or libraries a chance to learn to read. He formed a charity called Books for Nepal. It's a similar story told in the popular title, Three Cups of Tea, but in this case John Wood has transformed his vision into a multi-country organization called ROOM TO READ that operates in 8 countries with an astounding record: ROOM TO READ has built more than 750 schools, established 7,000 libraries containing five million books, and funded nearly 7,000 long-term scholarships for girls. They publish books in the language of the countries they operate in - often authored and illustrated by local people using local stories told within the culture, that have often never been published before. This is a meaningful enterprise with a stunning track record. BookBuffet has become a corporate sponsor and we invite you to invite your book group to "adopt a student" for one year. It only costs $250 to provide all the books, uniforms, and tuition for one student to attend a Room to Read school for one year. We are challenging 50 of our book group members to join. Help transform the lives of others, and take inpride your own book group's impact on literacy around the globe.


January 01, 2010

Did you know that 42% of girls in developing countries are not enrolled in school? When you educate a girl, you educate the next generation. When girls learn, their families, communities and societies all benefit. Educating girls is directly linked to positive outcomes, including:

  • Lower infant mortality rates
  • Increased eventual wages
  • Increased likelihood of educating the next generation
  • Improved family health
  • Success in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases
  • Improvement of general economic development

For a limited time, your donations will be matched by the prestigious Financial Times organization, whose staff selected ROOM TO READ as their annual fundraiser. The FT believes literacy and access to education form one of the most powerful tools for promoting economic development. John Ridding, FT chief executive, is on Room to Read’s board. He hopes their appeal will not only raise vital funds for its work but increase awareness of the role education plays in raising living standards among the world’s poorest.



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