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Kiwi Collections: The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World

abstract:Whenever I travel, I use Kiwi Collection to book the hotels. They always know the coolest places to stay within my budget, and offer upgrades and perks that my usual travel agent (or attempts at self-booking online) cannot. The big news is that Kiwi Collection just completed an extensive revamp of their website - check it out. Whether you are taking a business trip, planning an annual vacation, or just grabbing a quick get-a-way, this site goes beyond information - it inspires.

Started by Swedish entrepreneur Philippe Kjellgren (pronounced Shellgrenn), Kiwi Collection has a team of people around the world who find and approve new properties by staying in the rooms, exploring the environs and meeting personally with each owner/manager to establish a professional relationship. (Sounds like a dream job, right? Ya, I thought so too. ) Approval and listing with KC is maintained as long as the service equals their exacting standards. Whether you prefer well-known international brands, that funky boutique gem, a luxury camp or a classic Inn experience, you can be sure that Kiwi Collection's personal relationship with the owner/operator will ensure you are welcomed like a friend of the family or an honored guest.

I had a 5-city junket over about as many days recently, and was somewhat dreading the pace. I was so relieved to hand the address of my hotel to my driver at each stop and discover the hotel location was minutes from my business meeting, it was close to the local sites with great restaurants and potential night-vibe, and I was greeted with a huge smile upon check-in, fitted with a view-room or similar upgrade, and provided excellent personalized service.

If you are like me and tend to squirrel away the hotel booklets with suggestions of other hotels in the collection, then you'll enjoy having one - or all three - of Kiwi Collection's coffee table books with gorgeous photos of hotels from around the world and Kiwi's lively descriptions outlining the unique assets. Overnight Sensations The Americas: Hotels for the Discerning Traveler, Overnight Sensations Europe: Hotels for the Discerning Traveler, and Overnight Sensations Asia Pacific: Hotels for the Discerning Traveler. I know for a fact that Madonna has these books, but you don't have to be a Rock diva to appreciate the excellent service and ahah comfort that the Kiwi connection affords. Just book your next hotel through them and see!
"It's for people who care about where they stay."

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Canada & USA 1 800-999-0680 or Worldwide 778-331-0680


April 17, 2010
The Asia Pacific book is a must for those of you traveling within the Orient. Select a secluded beach classic property in Thailand like Tongsai Bay. Or make the luxurious Park Shanghai Hotel located on the 79th-93rd floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center your pied-a-tere while combining business with a little shopping-therapy.

The Europe, Middle East, Africa book will have you planning that long-awaited African safari, like the Ulusaba Private Game Reserve, predicated with stops at all the hot-spots in Europe that you've been dying to see. What about experiencing a modern architectural phenomenon like the Burj-al-Arab Hotel when you attend the Dubai Film Festival or cinch your Middle East business deal?

Sticking to the Americas? Check out the romance of The Inn of the Five Graces, Santa Fe in the New Mexico desert with the adobe style architecture and miles of open spaces. You can ride a horse in Georgia OKeefe country by day, book a soothing spa treatment in the afternoon, and catch an international opera at the spectacular open-air Santa Fe Opera House by night. Just in view above the opera house's stage backdrop are the distant Sangre de Cristo mountains - often illuminated by a breathtaking summer electric storm by night. It's stage direction by the Gods!

These and a host of other wonderful life-adventures await you as displayed on the web pages and book pages of Kiwi Collection. Happy Travels!



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