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Gear to Jumpstart 2012

abstract:With an eye to keeping up with the latest technology trends, here is a list of gear and gadgets you'll want to take with you into 2012.
Apple iPad 2
Rightly called "the game changer" the iPad2 sold out on all channels with 500,000 units flying out the door on the first weekend alone. The reason? Our smart phones aren't really large enough to read books or browse websites and many of the new apps are easier to see and use on an ipad. Our laptops are too cumbersome to pack and carry for international travel, or for that matter commuting by bicycle to work. Two cameras make FaceTime and HD video recording possible. Using the ipad as a surrogate office station is possible through the free (or larger data subscriber rates) of iCloud, where all your memory heavy programs and data is kept on a remote server you can access and update from anywhere. The dual-core A5 chip and 10-hour battery life keep you powered. Over 200 new software features in iOS 5. Manipulate and share photos art. Carry all your digital and audio books, music & films, world newspapers and magazines in one slim device. Use the GPS positioning system for every app that you now rely on: google maps, cinema and restaurant locator, taxis, that wine label locator, etc.

Boxee Live TV ($50)
Now that you've streamlined your office, why not dump your cable company? How many times have you lamented that you were paying for hundreds of stations that you never use or want to see or have to negotiate around? Boxee Live TV ($50) uses an HDTV antenna or unencrypted cable connection to access to local broadcast stations with a friendly show-finding interface that lets you receive recommendations from friends, and even remove channels that you never watch. Boxee puts viewers in control of their television viewing preferences for the first time! It's a positive revolution that may save us all from a Kardasian-esque future idiocracy.

The Audio Bulb:
It's a light bulb and a wireless audio speaker. Just screw it into your light bulb socket for added sound. What a great idea!


January 01, 2012
Verbatim Flash Drive 97168 This tiny gadget allows you to boost your memory on any usb ported device. 16 GB USB 2.0

Tascam IM2 Stereo Microphone ($80)
This pocket-sized powerhouse mic attaches to your iPod, iPad or iPhone and features two high-quality, adjustable condenser microphones, an internal microphone pre-amp and analog-to-digital converter for pristine sound, a stereo limiter to quiet sudden loud sounds like gunshots and a USB port for keeping things charged up while you're recording. Great for interviews, concerts, and hmmm - picking up nature sounds when you finally get away from it all?



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