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Looking for a source of books on public policy and international issues? The Cato Institute is a place to start.


August 11, 2003
The Cato Institute is a non-profit public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. It accepts no government funding or endowments, but rather is funded through foundations, individuals, and corporations. On their website you will find a wide range of topics in their newsroom, publications division, and subscription service. Here are few titles of interest:


Economic Freedom of the World: 2003 Annual Report: What Country Boasts the World's Freest Economy? This new report ranks 123 nations, top to bottom.


Eco-nomics: What Everyone Should Know About Economics and the Environment Economics vs. the environment? Now there doesn't have to be a choice.


The Pocket Constitution The National Best-Seller! Can the government do that? Check the Constitution!


The Poverty of Welfare: Helping Others in Civil Society The system isn't reformed enough.


The Market for Health Care and Goverment Insurance: Can the Government Improve It? This is a Capital Hill Briefing which airs 8/13. It can be viewed on line.Peter Van Doren examines these assumptions and discusses what health care markets can and cannot do, and whether government can improve their performance.


Why not insert a little political debate in your next book group session and see what kind of interesting dialogue ensues?



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