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Technology Corner: iPhone Features

abstract:The iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled quad-band GSM EDGE-supported mobile phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Its single-touch screen technology is so easy to use, they've sold more than 1.4 million iPhones since the release date on June 29th. To stop people from buying phones and reselling them, Apple announced last Thursday that it will limit sales to two per person (down from five) and you can no longer pay cash - they want to track credit cards and checks. What's so great about the iPhone? It's a virtual office enabling you to multi-task with a single finger. Take a look at what this amazing piece of technology can do, then read on to discover some of the perks and quirks of how people are using the phone.


October 29, 2007

Practical Uses

So I'm in a new city on a trip - let's use New York - and I want to find the closest Zagat rated Italian restaurant. I type on my iPhone web browser, and while it's loading the search, I use the map application to get directions and a satellite image (you can expand the image by "grasping" the picture to enlarge). Then I dial the restaurant to make my reservation, (save it to my directory for future reference) and while I'm at it, I browse the restaurant's menu and wine list on their website, and send a text message with the link to my NYC dinner date, who happens to be an important business contact with a penchant for hockey. In the cab on the way to the restaurant, I browse the latest world and city headlines, the stock quotes, and look-up the scores to the hockey game playing at Madison Square Garden. Then I read the city art gallery and Broadway play reviews. I am now armed and ready to pepper my dinner date with up-to-the-minute world and local events, and use those to headlines to delve into a scintillating conversation. After dinner I decide that I need a little extra cash, so I google the ATMs to find the closest machine is located one block up on the northwest side of 75th and Park.

A new city need not be strange. A dinner meeting need not be boring. An iPhone user is connected, informed, and interesting. That is the power of technology. Sheesh - where's my Apple kick-back? This is convincing stuff.

To Lock or Not To Lock?

When the iPhone first came out there was a lot of negative hype to the fact that it was only going to be available on a single network, exclusively AT&T (formerly Cingular) for an obligatory two-year contract, and it wasn't going to be available in Canada or Europe for months. But there is no stopping the technology geeks who have discovered a way to "unlock" the phones and then "re-lock" them when needed - like when you want to update the latest applets and widgets on your iphone and need to connect back to

What that means is users don't have to stay on one network; they can import the iphone to their own regions inside and outside the USA, and they can switch back at will to scam the system. N i c e. Steve Jobs has responded to the work-arounds with his own strategy to meet market demand and ingenuity. He's offering a developer's package for inveterate system tweekers.

Where To Get One

The AT&T Store nearest you...

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