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Book Browsing in Montreal, Quebec

abstract:I'm looking out the window of my hotel in Vieux Montreal at the Notre Dame Cathedral with a dusting of snow. Below, a man in fur wraps is driving a horse buggy...


December 06, 2002
— This is the perfect town in winter to curl up with a good book by the fire, or in bed with your hot water bottle. Montreal is a university town, not unlike Boston—there's McGill University,  the University of Quebec, Concordia, Montreal Université—and excellent French/English book stores abound stocked  with translations and Canadianna.


Favorite Bookstores

There's a tiny bookshop called Argo Bookshop, sorry no website (1915 Ste-Catherine W, Montreal 514-931-3442). For a larger selection, try 


The Literary Scene


Oh, and the food and night life—ce n'est pas mal!

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