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Amazon Loading Books On iPhone App

abstract:It was just a matter of time, but the word is officially out - Amazon has bowed to Apple and created a FREE app for its iPhone and iPod. As an iPhone user and an avid reader who is on-the-go constantly, I am thrilled to see the collaboration in place. I've been reluctant to purchase a Kindle to download Amazon digital books, as who needs another soon-to-be-obsolete electronic device? Users can shop for books at on a regular PC, and then transfer purchases over the air to the iPhone and iPod touch. Prices are the same whether books are purchased from a Kindle or from an iPhone, and the first chapter of every book is free. If you've already got a Kindle, you can download every Kindle purchase you've already made to the new iPhone app. The app also offers adjustable font size along with bookmarks and annotation features. Like on the Kindle e-book, you can bookmark pages, increase the font size, and access the table of contents. You can buy a book or download a sample directly to your iPhone, be it via 3G or Wi-Fi. Turning the page is as easy as swiping the iPhone's touch screen.To compare Kindle with iPhone, read Nicole Lee's article on CNet News.


March 04, 2009



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