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For The Love Of Book-Art: Check-out Alicia Martin

abstract:I came upon an amazing sculpture by contemporary Spanish artist, Alicia Martin who uses books as the raw material for her works. If you love books as much as we do, you will delight in her installations. The curator at Galleria Galica who represents the artist says, "Symbols of culture, of memory and of communication, the books in her works end up being at times restless, at others ironic, poetic or even aggressive, but always intent on forcing us to think about certain central issues of contemporary life: the instability of knowledge, the fragility of memory and the need for it, the information Babel of the mass media, the difficult relationship between cultures. No longer shut away in libraries or reduced to a furnishing accessory, the books/work of this artist turn into a shapeless incumbent concretion that tenaciously clings to the walls of the gallery and seems to elude the laws of gravity. Never repetitive, the works of Alicia Martín manage to turn books into animated objects, full of symbolisms that act as powerful but ungraspable echoes." The sculpture pictured here required 5,000 books. Watch the YouTube video as the location is stunning and the books seem to come alive as pages rustle in the breeze, and almost speak to the circling observers.—Cordoba, Spain


May 30, 2009
Artforum had this to say about the artist: "Alicia Martin belongs to the generation of Spanish artists that began exhibiting in the early '90s. Initially, this generation was known for a metaphorical use of objects and materials, and for the importance of subjectivity in their work. Even sometimes in relation to seemingly neutral themes, these artists often made themselves into the substance of their art. That was a long time ago, however, and those early years were difficult; the economic crisis of the time meant that many galleries and collectors were resistant to anything that seemed new. Yet the absolute freedom with which these artists worked as well as the novel character of their proposals gave rise to powerful and fresh art." —Madrid, Spain

So next time you think about what can be done with a quantity of seemingly mundane or banal resources, think of Alicia Martin.

More Photos of Her Work

If you're in the Pacific Northwest and have a taste for outdoor art take a look at Vancouver's 2009 Biennale (pronounced be-an-al-lee). July 15-Sept 15 2009. Thirty sculptures from 6 continents selected by the curatorial commission with input from international curator's such as Fumio Nanjo, and Shengtian Zheng with leading international museum directors, and artists will be installed throughout 12 neighborhoods along beaches, bike and walking paths, parks and urban plazas in the city of Vancouver. The sculptures will be on display from September 20, 2009 until June 2011. Five legacy pieces Walking Figures by Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland), Engagement by Dennis Oppenheim (USA), Echoes by Michael Goulet (Canada), 217.5 Arcs X 13 by Bernar Venet (France) and Jasper by John Clements (USA) will be re-installed in new locations throughout the city.



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