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Slide Share and TED Talks: 2 Ways to Learn FAST

abstract:I was out for drinks with the girls (chromosomally we DO qualify) and one of our group had not heard of TED Talks. This rather astonished me. I have a habit of viewing TED talks on my iPad at night before bed. Some people drink hot milk, others take an ativan. I like the idea of dozing off and infusing my brain with creative ideas. TED stands for Technology Education Design with the bold red sign displayed right behind the speaker. Experts in diverse fields give TED talks on topics as wide as: brain physiology, astrophysics, human behavior, art, and architecture. They use intriguing titles like: What makes us happy? How women are reshaping the world. The rise of collaboration in technology. They're brief, 12-17 minutes, so once you watch one you can't stop! Browse the list according to theme, speaker or topic, or "most viewed" or "recent", if you're a regular. Search a well-known name and you will likely find they've done a TED Talk. Jamie Oliver talks about obesity in America. Bill Gates talks about really brilliant educator. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about genius and how we ruin it. Jane Goodall talks about what separates us from the apes.

Another wonderful way to pick-up topical statistics on diverse and fascinating subjects is from a wesite that stores slide presentations - from ALL kinds of sources. SLIDESHARE.COM. I'm interested in edcucation, libraries and digital technology so a slide presentation by the Pew Center for Research on the topic with data results from a study supported by a several million dollar grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a fantastic source of information to absorb and incorporate into my writing and talks! Choose from their list of themes or topics and you'll be amazed what you will find. Browse by category or by popular rank according to other social media sites from which they are aggragated: SlideShare is the best way to share presentations, documents and professional videos. Get a free account to upload and share. Or go PRO to get more.


April 26, 2012



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