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Technology Corner: Gadgets You Have To Get This Season


Are you a techno klutz? It's time to make the nano-jump. Here are four items that will make you totally hip. Give any for holiday gifts - you can't go wrong!


December 05, 2003

Got A Digitial Camera yet? You can click and save, e-mail, print, manipulate into art, and simply dump the duds. I've got the Canon G3 which is so easy to use, and is available new or used from Amazon. While you're at it, might as well throw in a bigger memory card (1000 photos!!) and a Canon Photo printer, the prices for these things have never been more affordable!

The iPod holds 10,000 songs or talking books and is smaller than your cell phone; you can listen with hi-fidelity ear phones and groove anywhere (snowboarding gear has a spot for the ipod in their jackets and are wired to deliver sound up the sleeve to a touque or a helmut).  OR you can power the iPod up with mini speakers and blast out a party in a jiffy! Visit the apple store online for more details. Better yet, buy it, you won't go wrong. Note: itunes has 5,000 audio books, both classic and current. For Mac and Windows.

iSight Once again by Apple, this baby lets you see your msn/e-mail partner over the Internet live for FREE and it's so easy anyone can set it up in minutes! If your folks live far away, your spouse travels frequently, kids are at college, or you are just plain tired of LD phone charges, this is for you! "The size of a Hostess Ho Ho, smooth motion, full screen & very little delay" says David Pogue's in this great article in Ciruits/NYT Dec 4th. Only costs $149, but of course you'll need two.


e-books I haven't delved into these yet, but my friend swears by them.  Here's a website to research with links to resources. Pick the one you like and start collecting your e-library. Advantages: public domain works (includes most classics) are generally available as free downloads plus you can read while your partner sleeps (t's got it's own illumination)!

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