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$100 Laptops: Yves Behar Designs Innovative Solutions

abstract:Yves Behar demonstrates the new XO Laptop in this convincing video. It's the result of a 2005 competition challenging designers and manufacturers to come up with an affordable, resiliant product for the One Lap Top Per Child program headed by Nicolas Negroponte (the founder of MIT lab) and consists of leading mathematicians, programmers, psychologists, engineers, musician/activists, businessmen and humanitarians. Design forward construction and materials that make even the happiest Mac user envious: a screen that you can see in full sunlight, light, compact, strong, requiring very little energy and having the ability to be powered by solar panels or cranks or foot pedals. Bono of U2 was involved in the project from the beginning and gives his unbridled support.


September 30, 2008
— "The man responsible for the look and feel of the final shell that encapsulates all this wonderful technology is an industrial designer. The product design is supposed to seduce two unlikely groups: politicians and children.

The task of creating the shell of the seductive gadget fell on the shoulders of Yves Behar and Fuseproject. Behar put to use his principals of emotional design and storytelling in design, and turned out a product that is generating widespread excitement.

We met Yves Behar during Design Miami 2007. The video above is the product of this meeting and gives a glance into what it means to design a toy created to end poverty in the world.

The XO laptop has been named the greenest computer ever made and is the hottest gadget on Inhabitat’s gift guide. (The general public can buy the XO lap top until December 31st. If you do, you actually buy two: one for your child and the other as a donation to a child in the developing world.)"—

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