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Babel, Bobby, Borat & Bond


Ah yes, the holidays are upon us. After your last-minute shopping, why not take in one of these films with family or friends? Our four "B" movies -- er, not that kind of movie -- all start with the letter B: Babel, Bobby, Borat, and Bond. (Technically the new Bond movie is Casino Royal) Purchase the book suggestions that follow each movie for excellent post-view reading.


December 14, 2006
BOBBY (imdb link) (movie trailer)

America longs for that bygone era when people had faith in their government and values seemed different. The war in Iraq has been as devistating externally to the country as the war in Vietnam was internally. Political administrations have been saddled with scandles from Enron to Watergate. More than anything, what writer and director Emilio Estevez wanted, was to remind the world about another time and another administration -- by depicting events at the Ambassador Hotel on June 6th, 1968 through the lives of 22 people who were present that fated day when Bobby Kennedy was assisinated. If you are too young to have experienced one of the pivotal events of the 20th century, go see this movie. Estevez started casting the film with three big-name actors, and the rest of the ensemble signed-on for free -- such is the compelling sentiment for the subject and the strength of the script.

After the movie read: Robert Kennedy: His Life by Evan Thomas (Simon & Schuster, 2000) Evans is a high ranking editor at Newsweek who writes about insider Washington events and people. His book is heralded as being the most even handed and objective on the life and times of RK.

BABEL (imdb) (trailer)

If you enjoyed last year's Oscar winner for Best Picture, "Crash" you'll want to see "Babel." Similarly, writer Guillermo Alliaga tells a multi-connected story about a married couple who experience a tragedy while on vacation in Morroco that leads into six other interlocking family dramas.

BORAT (imdb) (trailer)

You would think by now that everyone has caught on to the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen, (famous for his TV characters on "The Ali G Show.") Borat, his latest incarnation, is the Kazakstani character who travels to America with hilarious effect, WARNING This is high satire: you should not be offended by extreme un-PC humor. For a taste view Jon Stuart's interview of Cohen.

Then purchase the whole series of DVD's from the Ali G Show, and grab a copy of Da-Gospet According to Ali G so you can keep up at the office when everyone else you know starts rappin' da quotes.

BOND - Casino Royale (imdb) (trailer)

Everyone is talking about the new actor playing 007 - James Craig (who was brilliant in The Layer Cake) and whose acting has helped to re-invent the character to satisfy the modern palette; less of the gimicky stunts and cheezy one-liners and more of the double-agent darkness with a touch of romantic frailty thrown-in. His lead femme fatals don't blunder their lines or remain satisfied with one dimensional roles. This is the first James Bond movie to make it past the sensors into China - a feat that will undoubtedly indoctrinate millions more to the 007 series.

The Art of Bond by Laurent Bouzereus  gives readers an insider’s look at the Bond evolution, from storyboard to screen, through all-new interviews with the series’ creative talents, as well as previously unseen art and behind-the-scenes photography from all 21 films. Actors—including the newest Bond, Daniel Craig—producers, directors, writers, and designers share their stories about the making of the films, and how their groundbreaking work has influenced other prominent filmmakers.



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