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A Kick-Ass Workout Book Testimonial


I consider myself a reasonably fit person; I've done a couple marathons, I play tennis, bike and jog regularly, and I put in about 30 days of skiing a year. I've always had an inch or so of unwanted "padding." You know—that little bulge beside the bra strap, and spillage around my low-rise jeans. Well, it's gone -- all gone! I have an emerging abdominal six pack, and arm definition a 20 year-old would be proud of, and I am in my mid-forties. How? The Boot Camp Workout, by Cat Smiley.


January 29, 2006
— And that's not the best news. You should have seen the cheer go up when one of our classmates, a mother of three who had virtually given up on getting her pre-pregnancy shape back, discovered she had lost 4 inches off her waist by week three. We were jubilant. 

These are just two testimonials from people who have attended Cat Smiley's 8 week Boot Camp in Whistler, BC. (The average weight loss is 10 lbs and 12".) Cat is a native New Zealander who has taken her own athletic training as a  pro ski-competitor, and her years of research in diet and exercise, to produce a workout that earned her top Canadian trainer three years running, from 2004 to 2006.

Her system is a combination of role play; you soldier-she drill sergeant that makes you chuckle until you have to do your first set of abdominal crunches and discover that you simply can't - and she stands behind you saying, "You can, I've seen it, so DO IT," as she modifies the drills until you accomplish the sets. The whole program encompasses an hour of class-time total, three times a week. Small price to pay when you see the results.

But you don't have to travel to Whistler to take Cat's camp, because she has just published the The Boot Camp WorkoutTM in an easy to use spiral book with all the exercise sequences, a week-by-week timed schedule, and pictures, (with real-life chubbies you see melt away in the course of the book.) It's a completely empowering life change, and a do-able workout that you can do anywhere, whether you're a travelling corporate executive or an at-home mom juggling the kids' schedules.

You won't want to waste another minute putting off the fit, strong, confident person you could be in just 8 short weeks.  It reminds me of the woman with the grand piano in her living room who said that she bought it ten years ago and has been waiting to start lessons to learn how to play—what are you waiting for?

Cat Smiley's Website

How to purchase The Boot Camp WorkoutTM by Cat Smiley (2006 Trafford Publishing) ISBN 141206078-8



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