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Gender Trends in Bestselling Authors: Who's On Top?


Remember when female authors had to use a male pseudonym just to get published? Remember when all those "guy" titles dominated the NYT bestsellers lists back in the 60s? Well all that has changed as Chris Hastings, correspondent for the Telegraph in the UK reports—the girls are on top.


July 29, 2005
— There are 50,000 book groups in the UK and the majority of them are female.  Their predominant reading interests are books authored by women. This has affected the statistics of bestseller lists everywhere. 

"Half of the titles on the UK top 50 fiction list, compiled by Nielsen Book Scan - the most reliable guide to book sales in the UK - for the week ending Saturday July 16, were written by women. By contrast, women were responsible for just a third of the titles on the list a decade ago. For the first time, more than half the books on The New York Times, bestseller list are by by women." —July 29, 2005 Telegraph 

Back in the 60s, when men had most of the spending power, they purchased books such as Crash and Empire of the Sun. Now that women have economic clout their reading interests and purchasing decisions have affected both the number of women writing and publishing books, and the books that are making up the bestseller lists. 

So come on gentlemen—get back in the game. (Or ladies, help your man out here!) BookBuffet invites all YOU GUYS to even the score by meeting after work or over the week-end to discuss a good book and share a brew or, who knows, maybe your fresh baked scone recipe (my husband makes killer buscuits.) 

The first 5 male book groups to register a group with receive a special guy-type book gift & one of our new BookBuffet T-shirts. 

Book Pick To Get You Started

Order this book to get your (or your boyfriend/husband's)group started

No Country For Old Men, Cormac McCarthy (July 2005) Most avid male readers I know enjoy— heck—  worship this author. "Dark themes suffuse McCarthy's first offering since his completion of The Border Trilogy, whose opening installment, All the Pretty Horses earned him both the National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award in 1992. Texas welder Llewelyn Moss makes a dubious discovery while out hunting antelope near the banks of the Rio Grande: a dead man, a stash of heroin, and more than $2 million in cash. Shades of Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, and Faulkner... "

— A BookList Starred Review




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