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Canadian Book Awards: The GG and the Giller Short lists

abstract:Each year Canadians look forward to the announcement of the short list for their two important literary awards -- the Governor General Award (fondly referred to in Canada as The GG's) and the Scotia Bank Giller Prize. Here are the authors and books that made it on 2006's list AND THE WINNERS AS AN UPDATE.


November 03, 2006

Governor General Awards List

Out of 68 submissions, 36 books of the short-listed authors, translators and illustrators are finalists for the first time. In the categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and children's literature (illustrated and not) winners will be selected in both French and English language books, and announced November 21st. Each winner receives $15,000 and a special print edition of their book. This year publisher House of Anasi (who publishes Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje) have eight of their authors in the running.


Peter Behrens, Brooklin, Maine (formerly of Montreal), for The Law of Dreams
(House of Anansi Press; distributed by HarperCollins Canada)
(ISBN 0-88784-207-0)

The Law of Dreams is an artfully-woven tale of mythic scope brought to vibrant life through the author’s unique perspective and craft, and through the complex and morally-heroic character of Fergus O’Brien.

Trevor Cole, Hamilton (ON), for The Fearsome Particles
(McClelland & Stewart; distributed by Random House of Canada)
(ISBN 0-7710-2260-3)

Trevor Cole has masterminded a densely-layered tale that sensitively peels away the complex facades of the individual members of a small, excruciatingly contemporary family, to reveal their (and our) most intimate fears and vulnerable desires.

Bill Gaston, Victoria, for Gargoyles
(House of Anansi Press; distributed by HarperCollins Canada)
(ISBN 0-88784-749-8)

Gargoyles is a collection of robust diversity. Vivid in the telling, stylistically exciting, these stories are an acrobatic delight.

Paul Glennon, Ottawa, for The Dodecahedron, or A Frame for Frames
(The Porcupine’s Quill; distributed by University of Toronto Press)
(ISBN 0-88984-275-2)

The Dodecahedron, or A Frame for Frames is a kaleidoscopic novel … of sorts. Twelve stories of seemingly different genres cohere into a book of astonishing literary dimension.

Rawi Hage, Montreal, for De Niro’s Game
(House of Anansi Press; distributed by HarperCollins Canada)
(ISBN 0-88784-196-1)

De Niro’s Game is an unflinching and timely look at the shattering of relationships in a war-torn world where lines between friend and foe constantly blur.


Ken Babstock, Toronto, for Airstream Land Yacht
(House of Anansi Press; distributed by HarperCollins Canada)
(ISBN 0-88784-740-4)

Ken Babstock’s Airstream Land Yacht illuminates contemporary life and ideas. Here is the music of the mind at work, a voice at once wry and philosophically penetrating.

Elizabeth Bachinsky, Maple Ridge (BC), for Home of Sudden Service
(Nightwood Editions; distributed by Harbour Publishing)
(ISBN 0-88971-212-3)

Bold yet sophisticated, Home of Sudden Service is populated with outcasts, and valley girls and boys ignited by a “trailer park fire of the mind.” Elizabeth Bachinsky introduces contemporary content to classical forms, and makes them startlingly new.

Dionne Brand, Toronto, for Inventory
(McClelland & Stewart; distributed by Random House of Canada)
(ISBN 0-7710-1662-X)

Dionne Brand’s Inventory makes music and sense of our complex age. This book is passionate, incantatory, building to lyrical outrage.

John Pass, Madeira Park (BC), for Stumbling in the Bloom
(Oolichan Books; distributed by University of Toronto Press)
(ISBN 0-88982-201-8)

John Pass balances intellect and humility in Stumbling in the Bloom. His poems celebrate the natural world, while painting portraits of our flawed but singular “human family.”

Sharon Thesen, Lake Country (BC), for The Good Bacteria
(House of Anansi Press; distributed by HarperCollins Canada)
(ISBN 0-88784-746-3)

Sharon Thesen’s The Good Bacteria is wonderfully witty and droll. Here, elegiac elements are brought down to earth with shining realism.—GGWebsite

Scotiabank Giller Prize

Justin Trudeau will host the 2006 Giller Prize Awards on November 7th on CTV  7pm Eastern Time and on broadband.


Posted Nov 10th THE WINNER IS....

Vincent Lam, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures: Stories



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